Strange Xbox 360 Countdown Revealed

A strange website has appeared that contains a countdown that might reveal something new for Microsoft's Xbox 360.


The domain has been redirected now, read the story for the update!

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ZombieAssassin2927d ago

For now I'm saying it's a fake, would be sweet though to get a nice big announcement.

callmedom942927d ago

Most likely fake. Not registered to anybody important.

Domain was created 10 days ago

3GenGames2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Agreed. Looking at that sites HTML I can really say it's not any sort of Microsoft site at all, not even close. It's fake, whatever it was even supposed to be for supposedly.

GearsOfWar2927d ago

Yeah tables don't really scream, professional, anymore.

revengemadmax2926d ago


Read a book - terribly boring
go outside - i do this on the way to HMV
go to a club - Would do but dont have any here.
go to a party - Lan party? CHECK !
go jogging - sometimes i have to jog/sprint to HMV if ther are close to closing time CHECK!
go hiking - well there is a hill to get to HMV CHECK!
go to a museum - Ummm no
go see a film - Well is cg in games are considered mini films! CHECK!
go hang out with your friends IRL - i cant! they all live in diffrent countries!
go to the library - why? i have the largest library of information in the world on the web? duh!
go to a skate park - i hate skating
go to a designated graffiti area and make some public art - umm i cant draw for crap.. so how about no...

you are a muppet please step away from your computer and enjoy your life in a library? or a skate park! or a party! you sound cool i wish we were friends! lol..

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knifefight2927d ago

Probably a countdown to a 3-minute commercial thanking someone named Mikey for all the gaming he does.

kaveti66162927d ago


I hated that commercial. It made gamers look really pathetic.

knifefight2927d ago

The overwhelming praise for it is what made gamers look *extra* pathetic though.
I can't imagine any other industry in which a company could so cleanly pull off advertising advertisements and making commercials about commercials.

Iroquois_Pliskin2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )


How so? please enlighten me. A commercial that was intended to thank gamers somehow made them look bad? Tell that to 10mil hits it got on youtube

on topic: bubbles LOOOL mikey

kaveti66162927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Well, in my opinion, the commercial was praising a gamer for all the time and effort he put into completing digital tasks.

Anyone outside of the gaming circle who watched the ad must have perceived people who play games as a bunch of pathetic humans who spend way too much time playing way too many games.

Sony was thanking gamers for playing games, but really what they're saying is, "Thank you for giving us money and being loyal to us."

People outside of the gaming circle would have seen it that way, I believe.

I also don't like it when people on this site say things like, "So many games. My wallet is crying." I'm not sure if they're being serious. I hope they're just playing around because I question the intelligence of a person who would spend a lot of money on games at any one time.

People who are not moderate with their hobbies can lose sight of other things, and in conclusion, that commercial made it seem like gamers in general played tons of games, which I think is pathetic.

No offense meant to anyone who considers themselves hardcore gamers, but if you do spend most of your free time playing games, then you should probably put the controller down and do something else. Read a book, go outside, go to a club, go to a party, go jogging, go hiking, go to a museum, go see a film, go hang out with your friends IRL, go to the library, go to a skate park, go to a designated graffiti area and make some public art, etc.

In reality, you accomplish very little by playing video games. Sony's commercial is an underhanded appraisal of video gamers as loyal peons.

andibandit2927d ago

TO MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

ffs Sony finally spends some money on advertising and it's not even promoting a game like Uncharted 3 or Killzone. To hell with Michael, i want more people online so start promoting those games, cause they arent gonna promote themselves.

SixShotCop2926d ago

"It made gamers look really pathetic"

N4G makes gamers look much worse to be honest.

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MariaHelFutura2927d ago

If its real, don't get too excited. These kinda things are usually huge letdowns.

gamer12322927d ago

It would be sick to have an announcement, but the domain name seems a bit, out of the ordinary. 3601029?
I get the 360 part, but after that, idk. But yeah I'm gonna say fake, but unfortunately so.

MoXxXi2927d ago

Maybe because when the timer goes out it will be 10/29? Or damn close to it... SMH

jvanik2926d ago

That'd be cool, that day's my birthday.

aviator1892927d ago

Interesting, and it certainly looks legit, but I don't might be fake.

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KILLERAPP2927d ago

Steven Seagal Kinect game hell yeah!!!!!

DeFFeR2927d ago

Step one, eat donut.

Step two, stop a train.

Step three, eat two donuts.

Step four, save president while he's on a plane.

Step five, eat a dozen donuts.

Step six, punch a dude in the throat.

Achievement Unlocked, please wait for DLC to complete Under Seige 2.

Legion2926d ago

You forgot the sexually harass costar on a ship step.

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