Ni No Kuni: The Last, Best Hope For JRPG-Kind

VelocityGamer: Final Fantasy has gone rogue, battle systems are getting messed up to appeal to action gamers, and critics just don't understand. Can Ni No Kuni succeed where all other JRPGs have fallen short this generation?

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Relientk772920d ago

This is my number one game coming out on the PS3 in 2012 right now. I am dying for an amazing JRPG, and I will be playing this game on my PS3 day one.

Rainstorm812920d ago

Same here, im hoping this game is really good and sells a ton , then maybe JRPGs can make a comeback

Relientk772920d ago

That is exactly what I am hoping for. I want a JRPG comeback

MariaHelFutura2920d ago

Do people forget Demon/Dark souls is made by the Japanese, is an RPG and has gotten straight 9s and 10s. The Japanese are doing fine, their just not bending for casual gaming.

ReservoirDog3162920d ago

Well, that's not a traditional jrpg really. It almost feels like an action rpg made by a western developer.

This is more like a traditional jrpg with the looks and everything.

Both are good of course but they're different styles than everyone here is talking about.

MariaHelFutura2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I hear what your saying but....

I would say its a very japanese game, unforgiving, not for idiots, it doesn't hold your hand and is retardedly hard to platnium. Wow, I just decribed Ico.

krontaar2920d ago

still concerned about the battle system, but everything else looks absolutely amazing.

jack_burt0n2920d ago

Could they do a move implementation of the casting you do in the DS version? That would be cool anyhow this game can't fail.

GoldenPheasant2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm old. I used to love anime back in the day. I think its complete shart now, displaying some of the worst tributes of its mother culture. Yet, there is the kind of animation that still comes out of Japan that amazes me: Studio Ghibli makes this kind of animation/art. Ultimately its kind of hard to explain myself without writing a boring wall of text on this subject. So despite NiNoKuni being about a little boy adventuring through a magical being anime...I'm still buying it day 1.

JadedWriter2920d ago

This game is guaranteed to get my money.

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