Wrong Reports on Skyward Sword : No Left Handed Mode

IGN Reported on whether Skyward Sword would have a left handed mode. It turns out that they were wrong.

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bergoo2919d ago

I'm trying to find the source to this story. Your source link takes me to mynintendonews who has Muzamil Pabani as the source. Who is that?!? I trust IGN more than some random pabani dude

kesvalk2919d ago

i remember nintendo said there would be no left handed mode, some time after the announcement of the game...

and to be logical, there is no reason to have one, you can play the same way, the only reason you could come up with is that link is always left-handed, and, at least for me, that was a strong point in liking the character, as i am a lefty myself.

from a gameplay stand point, it doesn't matter if you play the game with the wiimote on your left or right hand.

bergoo2919d ago

yea the left handed link seems like a lost tradition. oh well..

found the original source...Kotaku says nintendo confirms no lefty

Sobari2919d ago

Since I'm a righty myself, I don't have a reason to complain, but I have to wonder how hard it is to simply mirror a game. Twilight Princess on the Wii was simply a "mirror mode" of the Gamecube version, which made Link right-handed in the process. How difficult is that? Does it require a complete reprogramming of the entire game?

Squatch832919d ago

I dont see the problem, Wii Twilight Princess didnt have left hand mode... Where were all the reports then? I guess they are desperate for anti-Nintendo news these days.