EB Expo 2011: Which Game is Lord of The Dance?


"There was a lot of dancing to be had at the EB Expo, but I wasn’t brave enough to try any of it.

Waving my arms with an imaginary lightsabre for Star Wars Kinect and doing aerobics for Sesame Street Kinect was about my limit in public.

However, it was clear that publishers were investing a lot of Expo space and staff into these games.

That’s why I accosted a kid gamer named Conor to try them for me. He is twelve years old and was there dancing away with his older cousin, a girl who looked like she could groove with the best of them."

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gaminoz2925d ago

Hmm seeing Ezio dancing would have been hilarious!

BadCircuit2925d ago

Ive never done a dance game. But that would have been funny.