IGN Reviews flOw Expansion Pack + Screens

IGN: "There's not that much to say about the flOw Expansion Pack (or, if you'd like to be more precise, the flOw "expansiOn"). That's not necessarily a bad thing though; it is, after all, a very small expansion pack to an already simplistic, extremely straightforward game. Unfortunately, while it succeeds at virtually everything it sets out to do (which is most welcome), it just doesn't set out to do very much. This may not be a problem for gamers who just want a slightly refreshing experience rooted in the original gameplay setup, but is that enough for everyone?"

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DJ3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I was fine with spending the money, but it really is just 20 minutes of gameplay. That said, the new creature kicks ass. It has spinning blades that get you out of a tight jam (happens quite often with so many enemies onscreen), but the review doesn't mention the 'other' function of the blades.

I didn't realize it had 4-player co-op and screen captures though.
***Edit: Nevermind, it automatically saved some awesome screen captures to my Photo album. I attached so you guys can see.

Darkiewonder3989d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

It's always a welcomed feature for games!

I'm going to wait a few more days because I have to call up my bank to allow transaction to be made again! so no buying for me until then!

MaximusPrime_3988d ago

i went back to play Flow a week ago. Still loves it.

I might considering getting expansion pack.

natural07213988d ago

don't forget if you don't know the expansion ands rumble feature to the game.

Vip3r3988d ago

I really like fl0w but if it's more than £1.49 I'll leave it. One new creature just isn't enough.