EB Expo 2011: OXCGN’s Huge Photo Gallery of the Event


"EB Expo 2011 has concluded, and it most certainly was an event we shan’t soon forget.

OXCGN was on the scene providing extensive coverage, managing to grab a plethora of photos in the trudge forward.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now proudly present to you EB Expo 2011 in pictures."

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Proeliator2923d ago

I think that editor is proud that he can hold the lancer :p

gaminoz2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

It looks F***** heavy too! I WANT ONE!

Belgavion2923d ago

that lifesize raving rabbid looks frightening

gaminoz2923d ago

Agreed! It must have been stinking hot in there though!

BadCircuit2923d ago

Wow there's some interesting shots. Those Saint's Row girls aren't wearing much!

BadCircuit2923d ago

lol just saw the toilet shots! Get your weapon out.