Child Aggression Linked To Profanity In Video Games, Movies

Gaming Blend "ou have got to love all these studies about video games saying one thing or another and then having a subsequent study appear that contradicts it like a priest caught fondling an altar boy or Jack Thompson found making love to a copy of GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Anyways, a new study has surfaced that indicates high levels of teen aggression is linked to profanity on television, in movies and in video games, and that the influence comes from young people thinking that the language is “normal”, even when some words can get you in big trouble when used around the wrong people."

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vortis2920d ago

Motherf***ing, Bulls**t, c**k-s**king, p***ks...

Us gamers aren't aggressive. We're as happy as can be. =D

MariaHelFutura2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Nope. The problem w/ children is.... them not knowing how to deal w/ life problems, being heavily medicated, their parents feeling selfish/entitled and pressure being put on them at such a young age. Not gaming or movies.

thebudgetgamer2920d ago

Yea, because kids in the forties weren't agrresive at all.

iPhoneGeek2920d ago

If your letting your 6yo play Gears 3, then its your fault not the industry. And if your a teen and don't realize bad language isn't "normal" and think its OK to curb stomp someone, then their an idiot.

Oh, and like cartoons in the 50s & 60s weren't bad. How many times has Wily E Coyote fallen off a cliff and Tom gotten his brains smashed in by Jerry. Please.

Parents need to learn how to parent.

frostyhat1232920d ago

These articles need to stop. Period. Almost every week their is a new one on this site!

Pozzle2919d ago

There seems to be a link to child agression and everything nowadays...

-Video Games
-Bad upbringing
-Highly fatty or processed foods
-Mental illness in the family
-Peer pressure

Let's face it, different kids will respond to things differently. Sure, there might be a LINK to child aggression and video games. But there are also links to aggression and other things. Why? Because different brains respond differently to various things! And if your kid is one of the unlucky ones who doesn't respond well to profanity in games and movies, then don't let them watch the damn games/movies til they're old enough to understand it without going off! It's common freaking sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.