DMC HD Hits Amazon for Pre-Order for 39.99 w/ Free Shipping

Devil May Cry HD collection was officically announced today, and it is already being made available for pre-order from some major outlets. Amazon has already put the game up on its site for pre-order

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WildArmed2920d ago

Ohh great news!
Would love to play DMC3 again in HD. My fav. DMC.. then followed by DMC1 <3

I hope they bring back Virgil as a playable char in the HD collection

ABizzel12920d ago

My original 60GB PS3 is losing it's relevance. I might have to trade it in and get a new PS3 just to make sure it's not ready to pass away.

All I need is a Yakuza HD Collection, SSX HD Collection (SSX Tricky please).

Hopefully they'll bring DBZ Budokai 3, and Mortal Kombat Shoalin Monks over to PSN. Those are the last PS2 games I have left that haven't gotten the HD treatment.

KwietStorm2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I would do that sooner than later if I were you, especially if you don't have money to outright buy a new one if it does break.

sashimi2920d ago

It's gonna outsell the DMC reboot.

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Quagmire2920d ago

I for one am gonna buy DmC regardless

dirthurts2920d ago

I was hoping for 29.99...
But I cheap.

MoXxXi2920d ago

Im just happy its not 60$. Idt I would have bought it.

ABizzel12919d ago

Generally Best Buy will drop them to $24.99 you just have to check their website.

That's how I got God of War Collection (the PSP games), and Team Ico Collection. Plus I had a $10 off coupon form @gamer magazine. Only paid $20 for each one.

The_Devil_Hunter2920d ago

Now this is what I live for, and Im absolutely crazy about it.