Harmonix Responds To PS3 Rock Band Concerns

Red Octane, the company that manufactures Guitar Hero's peripherals, has yet to offer IGN an explanation or official response. According to Harmonix, it's on Red Octane and publisher Activision. It would seem that unless these two can make nice (and realize that fans are the ones being punished), there will be no patch to remedy this situation.

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EZCheez4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I might have understood this problem had I found out maybe months ago rather than LAST NIGHT! I bought this game this morning (CD only) for my ps3 and my GH3 guitar is not compatible at all. I feel I should let other people know this before they waste their time.

Seriously though, why sell the game independently (no instruments) for the PS3 if you can't use anything other than the Fender guitar that comes in the package? What f'in sense does that make, ESPECIALLY when they don't sell the instruments seperately until Feb. 08?

I'll stop ranting. I'm posting this more as a warning for others. DO NOT BUY THE PS3 VERSION GAME DISC ONLY because there is absolutely no way to play it.

Snukadaman4010d ago

sorry about your frustration though man...I just dont understand how the xbox 360 can be compatible with rockband and guitar hero and ps3 cant?

ruibing4010d ago

Hmm, I just bought Rock Band and was planning to use the guitar from GH3 with it for bass. I hope they fix it soon, someone needs to let their guitar work on the other one.

biomajor094010d ago

I totally agree with you cheez, any uninformed people are going to be pissed when they go out and just buy the ps3 game and not the bundle since they already bought guitar hero. And there are a lot of guitar hero 3 owners out there so Harmonix may want to deal with this before a $hit storm occurs.

Gina-get-u4010d ago

If it's any consolation to you, not too many copies of the non-bundle version of Rock Band were going to sell for the PS3 to begin with. This snafu should depress sales of that SKU even further. For the 360 version, which is expected to make up the overwhelming majority of sales, the GH3 controller works just fine.

games4fun4010d ago

you have a valid point if i was buy the game without the bundle i would go xbox360

BUT CMON who buys rock band and doesn't get the bundle my friend bought the bundle for ps3 and another friend got the bundle for xbox360, if you dont buy the bundle then you should just keep Guitar Hero because the bundle intstruments make the biggest difference ever and blow away guitar hero when you have four people playing together and THE DRUMS ARE FREAKIN SWEET!

americanGTA4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Email them and complain. Something can be done if enough people complain.

say something like this....

"I am extremely disappointed in you guys because you have said many times over and over again that we would be able to use the Guitar Hero Guitar for Rock Band, however this is not the case for the ps3 version. You can blame it on Red Octaine all you want, but the bottom line is, you need to stop making excuses, this is clearly your fault. It seems to me as if you didnt put any effort into the ps3 version. A patch needs to be made. All you guys had to do is get a developer from red octaine for 20 minutes so you can make the guitar hero guitar work on rockband. Or you could have just gotten the Data emailed to you through Gmail. It works fine on the 360, so why cant you make it work for the ps3? Sony spends a lot of money on making their consoles so you it would be easier for your guys to develop games. A patch needs to be made, otherwise people are just going to buy 3rd party guitars instead of the Rock Band Fender guitars. Studies have shown that 3rd party merchandise will eat into your market share. Thats what I would do IF (and thats a big IF) I buy Rock Band."

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