Street Fighter Alpha 3 Uppercuts PSN As This Week’s PSone Classic

Siliconera: This week’s PSone Classic on the PlayStation Store is Street Fighter Alpha 3. Since this is the PlayStation version of the game, it includes characters that weren’t in the arcade version, such as Juni and Juli.

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bacrec12921d ago

Dramatic Battles here I come.

PhantomTommy2921d ago

My favourite street fighter, ahh memories.

Genki2921d ago

The Alpha series as a whole never got it's just dues IMO. Didn't ruin the experience for me though, I logged countless hours on this game for months. Definitely a welcome return.

JadedWriter2921d ago

I already have the PS2 alpha collection and the PSP version so I personally don't need it, but I'm glad to see my favorite Street Fighter on the PSN.

Information Minister2920d ago

Best Street Fighter ever! Period!!!

I would love to see a Street Fighter Alpha 4 in high definition 2D.