Hands-On Preview: inFamous: Festival of Blood | DualShockers

Francois Chang writes, "The upcoming standalone download inFamous: Festival of Blood is coming just in time for Halloween on October 25, 2011, and I got to check it out to see how cool this download will be. Will it be worth the 10 bucks you’re going to have to shell out? My verdict so far is ‘yes’..."

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BitbyDeath2919d ago

Sounds awesome, too bad it only goes for 2-3 hours though.

smashcrashbash2919d ago

Yeah sounds a little.....short. I might check it out but later. To many other games right now on PSN

MuleKick2919d ago

Is this the Infamous that is supposed to have PSMove support?
I heard something about that a while back.

Ddouble2919d ago

Yea it will have Move support and inFamous 2 will have Move support patched in as well.

MuleKick2918d ago

Any idea when the infamous 2 move patch is coming?
I still have to earn the trophy for beating the game on hard. If the patch is coming soon, I'll just wait till then.

jdfoster2919d ago

You have UGC content too. Can create with it in this and share and play. (Don't need infamous 2) But for $9.99 you can't argue with the content we're getting

nealane2919d ago

sounds good, wish it was longer than 2 hours though.

kamakaz3md2919d ago

inFAMOUS 2 is deff. the best game ive played this year, if not ever. It was fun, long and the graphics, gameplay were amazing... just wish there was multiplayer, it woulda been the best and GOTY for sure. I might have to buy it again, cause sadly I sold it, but the DLC is worth the buy again for sure.

BitbyDeath2919d ago

Actually from what i have read you do not need inFamous 2 to play this content.

(Someone correct me if i am wrong)

I believe this is a standalone pack.

2919d ago