G4 TV Reviews Mass Effect - A Perfect Score

The freedom of a new IP and far stronger horsepower of the Xbox 360 have resulted in a title that has no precedent in how the gameplay, visuals, ...

Entrancing story
Being able to see your unique character in cut scenes
Combat that mixes strategy with fast paced action
Amazing visuals
Unique and exciting character interaction

Vehicle cannot be customized
Minor technical hitches

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Kleptic3983d ago

this is the kind of crap that breaks the review system overall...

I bought this game this morning...and it truly is great imo...and thats "great"...far from perfect...not even "superb"...

there are not "minor technical hitches" in Mass Effect...the 360 simply barely runs it...frame rate during combat is absolutely unacceptable...and the Resistance type pause to switch weapons/bionics/abilities doesn't help either...the texture streaming is as noticable as Vegas imo...and I haven't even started on the AI and control glitches...

the graphics are extremely good once things load in properly, but the framerate problems make animations during combat not seem smooth...and the mo-cap of facial expressions during speech doesn't look quite right imo...above the nose nothing all...eyes blink, and sort of aimlessly dart doesn't hurt anything, its just something I started to notice during the speech...and there sure is a lot of it...

don't get me wrong...the game is still fantastic...the story is setting up to be about as good as a sci fi story can get...and the voice acting is totally on par with HS (which up until now was arguably the best acted video game of all time)...and there are some familiar voices...

its just giving a game a perfect score is absolutely retarded if the game isn't perfect...ME isn't perfect...perfect involves no glitches, gameplay problems, technical faults...perfect invovles every single thing being...perfect...ME doesn't have that...8.5-9.0 is definitely the territory of where this game should be...its awesome story is what completely makes up for the gameplay short-comings...

this is not a post to criticize ME...its a post to criticize G4TV for being retarded...thats all...

mesh13983d ago

SHUT UP cry cry cry ok lemme explain when a game it self the actually game they made is amazing there is no ware becuase of tech issue which is not part of the game story line immersiveness or what is there does not mean a good game they made shud not be 10/10 the game it self is perfect u cant fault the game only the hardware so SHUT UP U KID U dont knwo anything abotu games ill alwsy want amazing game with slight tech isusees like LAME GAMES THAT HAVE \been over polished as they bring alinear story so stop cry 100% of reviews say mass effect the game is amazing but the heard ware issses are ther eliek anyother game but the game it self the 1 bioware made is a 10/10 so cry

Skerj3983d ago

mesh, there's no such thing as over polishing a game. Do you honestly play a game and say "oh man they've fixed too many bugs and balancing issues for me, I won't hear of it!!"? No, you don't. It's a great game yes, but not perfect thus not deserving a perfect score. If you're going to give a game a perfect score you can't give it cons in the same paragraph, that denotes imperfection.

The_Engineer3983d ago

you will never get xbots to admit that the 360 STRUGGLES to run this game. I don't know what's a bigger shame, ME having so many GLARING glitches on the 360 or the fact that MS's business practices kept the rest of the gaming world from enjoying this excellent game.

allforcalisto3983d ago

8.5-9.0 makes the most sense to me given all thats been written about this.
i find it very frustrating that reviwewers will mark up a game over another and ignore the bugs and downright dire blemishes(poor facial work, reptitive combat, recycled locales lack of deep oldskool bioware character stats and spells customization), but then mark down a game probably because it's not "EPIC" ugh.

by the sounds of it this game is an evolution from kotor, not a revolution from bioware. I loved kotor, it's still one of my favourite games ever, but a lot of polish and an immense catalog of dialogue shouldnt be seen as Next gen just because there's space exploration, especially when the space exploration is as shallow as a lot of these reviewers are making out.

games like indigo prophecy last gen were showing how different games could be. Looking at the performance in the heavy rain trailer makes me think wow they could be onto something.
Looking at mass effect makes me think great game, but nowhere near the best we'll see this gen.

Feihc Retsam3983d ago

They had a very diverse crowd to cater to...
Xbox360 fans, PS3 fans, Wii fans and PC fans...
So, whenever they review a game, I've found them to be very discriminating when giving it a score...
Since a game score is all a matter of opinion based upon a set scoring system, it's very possible for a game to get a perfect 10/10.

The reason a game can get a 10/10 is because it is being held up against the other games that are out there...

If a game got a 9 in one category, and Mass Effect is superior in that category, you have to show that and give it a 10... If this happens across the board, well, then you have a perfect score...

If you don't have an Xbox360, don't hate... If you do have one, go get this game!

Double-Edged3983d ago

those hiccups and glitches or whatever you wanna call it...

it doesnt affect the gameplay. or the experience why? because the Pros outweight it by far. Why dont you watch the GT video review.. they will explain what you idiots are crying about.


Kleptic3983d ago

Mesh...don't bother posting anything in my one can understand anything you are saying...mostly because you are an idiot, and partially because all you do is make 100 word run-ons over and over...I own the game you half-wit, and I clearly stated this was not a critique of was a critique of what I felt was a poorly constructed review...

go read up on what "women" are...I am sure someone would appreciate your insanely comical over-protective'ness...

bubbles for the rest of you...again that game is great...put about 8 hours into it so far (anyone else feel like some of the dialouge has nothing to do with anything?...guess I am not far enough along yet)...I was only commenting on why I wouldn't rate a game with glitches as "perfect"...

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Prismo_Fillusion3983d ago

Vehicle cannot be customized
Minor technical hitches"

Even if you list one con, how can a game get a perfect score? A perfect score means it's perfect and has absolutely no negative points. At least that's how the thinking goes on in my head. I can't think of a game in existence that I would give 100/100. (Rating a scale of 1-10 or 1-5 is stupid in the first place)

celticlonewolf3983d ago

No game is ever going to be perfect ever. There is always going to be some sort of problems or to some people it just doesnt click with them. 5 out 0f 5 doesnt mean it hasnt got problems it means simply that the game is a must buy that it is really good and worth your money. It means that this game is up there with the top dogs so to speak. Good gaming

lawman11083983d ago

I belive they are letting you know that your $60 bucks is well spent here.

iilluminate3983d ago

celticlonewolf is spot on.

If they use half marks, 5/5 does not mean it is without cons and could translate to as low as 91% or as high as 100%.

bumnut3983d ago

your spelling and puncuation is astonishing.

not one comma or full stop in the whole post.

rayc00133983d ago

I watched the special last night, is thing a shooter because it looked more like a shooter than a rpg.

adalwolfe3983d ago

its an rpg, when you play the game you will see that its an rpg first. It has fps elements, but the pausing system to cast spells and control squadmates as well as how much dialog there is in the game you will see its an rpg. It literally feels like your watching an animated movie, the main character (customized the way you want him to look) says what you want him to say. Then you control the fighting/action. It is really well done, far superior to any rpg to date gameplay wise.. not to sure about replayability. I haven't noticed much of the "unbareable lag" the other posters are reporting. Although bioware has been releasing games a little early lately.. such as nwn2, it was covered in bugs on release. I trust them enough now to know that they will work through them nwn2 even runs smoothly now.

Still for me I would rather have the game available early with some minor hiccups and patched later.. then having to wait forever.. as per the delaystation..

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