Parabellum announced for PS3

Parabellum, a new strategy first person shooter for the PS3 was announced this week by game studio ACONY. The game will combine strategic tactics and action into one and provide you with realism not found in anything today.

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specialguest5863d ago

cool! looks like PS3 won't be left out of this seemingly great FPS too. "fighting terrorists through out all of New York City" that's huge! i wonder what Ground Zero will look like and if it's included.

LiquifiedArt5863d ago

This game looks really dope, i've been waiting for a Strategy FPS for a long long time. I still play Battlezone for the PC, because FPS/starts are so good.

Nice pickup [email protected]# Thanks SOny

Marriot VP5863d ago

Thank the developer, Sony has no say in this.

zypher5862d ago

well then Sony also has no say in games like MGS4 and Lair, but whenever the hoards of XBox fanboys come around saying how both games have shown nothing but pre-rendered cg, they always blame Sony for it.

eques judicii5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

I thought that this was already announced for both systems?
Zypher, will you please make sure you do some more research before posting this to ps3 only.

eques judicii5862d ago

I went back and did some research of my own and did find that nothing points to a joint console release, but it would be nice for the posting to include xbox 360. Anyhow, the official website still only says xbox 360 and doesn't say ps3... yet...