PSP Dream: Sony PSP Trailer Plays Like a Good/Bad Dream

Gizmodo writes:

Still groggy from a kickass pre-holiday kickoff weekend, at first we thought this trailer for the newer and slimmer Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) was part of a bad fever dream we were having. But no, this longish (4:15) piece of video art made us laugh, made us cry, it was better than Cats. While we probably would have picked different theme music, this animated tour de force shows a tremendous amount of creativity. If this is a sign of things to come from Sony's marketing flacks, it looks like the company's finally on to something.

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ruibing3988d ago

Way too subtle. People these days are used to stimulus from loud music and images, so these kind of ads are too long (costs more money) and don't get the message across well enough. They seem to be getting better at it but they still miss the point every once in awhile.

n_n3987d ago

to get the point across. this day and age people don't really have time for a 4 minute ad. cool ad though. pretty trippy.