PlayStation Vita Japanese Import Orders Now Open

Want to get your hands on a PlayStation Vita ahead of its launch in the West? One chance to has just presented itself, as import specialist website Play-Asia has just opened some very tentative import pre-orders.

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fluffydelusions2920d ago

I would love to get a hold of one early but being that the games wouldn't be in English probably wouldn't do me much good. =\

GraveLord2920d ago

Playstation Vita isn't region locked. You can play any game from any country on it.

fluffydelusions2920d ago

I know but if the games are not in English it's not much good to _me_

CynicalVision2920d ago


You're missing the point, the Vita isn't available anywhere else so there wouldn't be any other games to play.

Anarki2920d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? what you said is true. However the games are in japanese so it's quite pointless unless you know the language.

Bull5hifT2920d ago

Uncharted and Little Big Planet Gameplay is Universal..... Really no english needed, ive played plenty of LBP levels made by All over the World and Uncharted is like cover Shoot, climb...... .Im just worried my japanese Vita wont be able to get 3G from AT&T

jujubee882920d ago

Import friendly is still a thing which exists. To clarify, that is there will be a lot of english in stuff like menus and guides can help you with the rest.

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norman292920d ago

"Both the 3G and WiFi versions are available – but let’s be realistic – importers will be after WiFi."

Yeeeeer....dont they both come with WiFi anyway so bit of a pointless point tbh :|

GraveLord2920d ago

Maybe you'd be able to access the American Playstation Store on it? Some great PSP games you might have missed out on!

Protagonist2920d ago

hEH !! thats actually a good point.

Nova_Crystallis2920d ago

I'm waiting for the US release, but if you're looking to import, get on this now!

VINNIEPAZ2920d ago

Same here, cant wait for the US release. I've got 2 on preorder now!

Sev2920d ago

No point. This pre-order on Play-Asia has been open since this morning. It's already sold out, Play-Asia just hasn't been able to update their site.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of people anxiously waiting to pre-order.

I pre-ordered mine from here at 9AM this morning, about 2 minutes after the pre-orders opened.

Protagonist2920d ago

Sold out again ??? wow !!!

user8586212920d ago

Can we actually import this in the UK or is sony gona pull another LikSang

nyobzoo2920d ago

I'll just wait for the US release

Kurisu2920d ago

And I'll wait for the UK ^^

StarWolf2920d ago

ill just wait for the colored versions,,,, thank you very much. ill have the last laugh

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