Battlefield 3 Open Beta wrapup, or How many jets can you build from the bullets we fired?

The Battlefield 3 Open Beta has come and gone. We wanted to thank you all for participating by sharing a few interesting stats.

Did you know that if we had an empty 9mm casing for every shot fired in the Open Beta, we would have enough brass to melt and build almost 3,900 SU-27 Flanker jets? Okay, Flankers are not made out of brass, but still. For more stats and figures, check out the pic below. And thanks again for playing and helping make Battlefield 3 a better game at launch!

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Iroquois_Pliskin2926d ago

I´m just glad that i was part of the BF3 beta, i know the beta kind of backfired on DICE because of all the hype. Just hoped they would bring Caspian Border to the consoles

SITH2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I too am glad they provided the privilege for us to play the beta. But I totally do not agree there was a backfire. If you dug through the ignorance of a lot of blogs then you would have figured out, many people perceived the beta as a demo. Dice was unyielding in it's claim that we were playing a beta and not a demo. I bet you none of those articles complaining about the beta (some even called it a demo) reported one single issue with it on dice beta forums.

A beta is expected to have issues. And as public beta testers we are expected to crawl through that hot mess and report where the dirt is too dice. So to me to perceive it as a backfire, I would have to see the game as a demo of what was to come. And a buggy beta is not what we will have next week.

(off topic: if you use a iPhone 4 on this site like I usually do, you can see what people posted as bubble downs or reports on you in white. Someone bubbled me down (none lost) for my comment at the top as trolling. Freaking magical my fans are.)

Iroquois_Pliskin2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Well, i certainly enjoyed the beta. When i say it backfired, im taking into account all the glitches, bugs which could have been ironed out, or they should have just used a more recent build to showcase the beta.And a small map with no vehicles which is not the kind of map the BF series is not known for.
Overall, i enjoyed the gun gameplay in the beta, the sound effects etc.

offtopic: @SITH sometimes i use my itouch to browse and i never noticed that lol

BXbomber2926d ago

man can't wait to get this game i'm hyped!!!!

hilyou2926d ago

Beta was great! Wish DICE included conquest and jets.
Also isn't this supposed to be the BIGGEST BETA EVER in terms of players?
Because 8,125,310 people is A LOT!

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