Can a Patch Fix Dark Soul's Broken Co-Op?

GameXplain: "Don’t get me wrong: I love Dark Souls. I am probably going to play it some more as soon as I’m done writing this. I have three different characters and I plan on beating the game with all of them. I just hope that this new patch announcement is going to bring me one step closer to the game I wanted and one step further from the one I have."

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jerethdagryphon2928d ago

thats not broken thats the spirit of the game numptys

if you could com over voice it leeches the loneliness out of the game

JsonHenry2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

It's broken. Go ask anyone that's played Demon Souls. And don't take my word for it, go to and hit up the forums with rest of us Souls fans. You'll see rather quickly that it is very broken.

If it wasn't broken, then why would there be an incoming announcement to fix it from the devs?

I'm a Blade of the Darkmoon member and my invasion stone as well as my ring that automatically puts me in PvP queue to attack those that are indicted in the book of the guilty have only netted me ONE, again O-N-E PvP encounter. ONE. EVERY invasion has failed. The only time I ever got steady PvP action was when I was with Darkwood covenant and around level 40-ish. But then the damn NPC fall off a cliff and break the covenant glitch happened and now I can't get back into that covenant. Sitting reading a book for 4 hours while wearing that summoning ring sitting outside Ando Londor and only getting 1 encounter is what I call "BROKEN".

And if the game was "meant" to be played that way then there would be no covenants with goals SPECIFICALLY set for PvP or Co-op. So you can take that argument off the table right now.

hiredhelp2927d ago

errrrr watever he said walks quietly off.

jerethdagryphon2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

read what i said the lack of coms isnt an oversight. the connection issue needs sorting yes

and everything you need to level up covs can be gotten without doing pvp

that said i hate pvp with a passion if i ever get a your being invaded message i jump off a cliff

The_Nameless_One2928d ago

I know it;s english because the latter match but I have no idea what you were going for. Next time remember, the meds go after you post not before.

Now on the subject at hand. If you think the MP in this game is not broken then go play Demon's Souls and see how broken it is.

rdgneoz32927d ago

The main difference is basically servers vs p2p with lobbies. People want to play with friends, and with lobbies, its luck of the draw if you and your friend are in the same one. Also, its luck if the people in your lobby are putting down stones or summoning people for help. If they increase the range at which you can summon people and the number of people in a lobby, it'll work out better.
As for invading others, if you're in a lobby with other people that are hollow (or not on the guilty list for those in the darkmoon), you won't be able to invade crap. And seeing as there are no penalties for staying hollow like in DS, a lot of people go that route. Hell, I killed myself on purpose after being stuck in Darkmoon basin for 30 minutes fighting people (since the fog doors wouldn't disappear) when I was trying to do some things.

The best solution would have been using servers again like DS, but that probably won't be happening any time soon.

Lastly, as for summonings failing. Since it takes about 20 to 30 seconds to see someones stone if you're lucky, by the time someone gets summoned, their stone might not disappear for another 20 seconds. So you'll have it fail if you summon them a second too late after someone else gets them since its yet to disappear.

GillHarrison2928d ago

I think they just mean that a lot of the users are having trouble joining each others game, IE summoning failed.

ArchangelMike2928d ago

err... Dark souls has no 'broken' co-op mode fools. The Summon aspect of the game is just that, you summon a player to help you defeat a boss, or to help defeat an invading phanton. It's not meant to be you and your bro farming souls and playing through the game hand in hand.

From Software are prolly trying to avoid the scenario where two (or more) buddy phantoms go rampaging through peoples game. It's bad enough trying to vanquish the one invader, let alone 2 or more. That would definately break the game for sure.

TukkerIntensity2928d ago

It's not broken just because it isn't the way you want it. It's working as intended.

SH0CKW4VE2928d ago

Can a patch fix your journalisim?

Getowned2928d ago

he has some good points but I didn't even know about some problems.but i do want more PVP.

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