Skyrim: Console mod support 'not in the works'

IncGamers: Bethesda remain hopeful they can offer such elements in the future.

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CrzyFooL2919d ago

Well yeah, that would be dam near impossible. Maybe next gen.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Actually not impossible, the Ps3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 had mods that completely changed the game.

Still no mod support was ever expected by me for this title. Just like all the other games. This is a feature most people should not expect in their console games.

Winter47th2919d ago

The PS3's version can support mods, but they're too lazy to do it.

solar2919d ago

just because a shooter had it doesnt mean something as complicated as a world like Skyrim will have means its possible or logical.

Bathyj2919d ago

Theyre not "too lazy"

A certain console manufacturer gets all upset when the other console has such glaring benefits to their version.

So we all must suffer.

Some great practices we've adopted this gen.

Oxymoron0282919d ago

Bathyj, if that were true then PS3 users wouldn't of had cross platform play with Portal 2 or Dust 514.

Mods on Skyrim for the PS3, definitely possible and just because they might not be possible on the 360, it doesn't mean PS3 would miss out.

Bigpappy2919d ago

StolenSoul is correct. But if you guys need nogs to enjoy Shyrim, just get the PC version. To call Bethesda, of all developers, Lazy, just because they are not spending an extra year to screw around with mode support for PS3 is just a stupid, N4G PS3-Fanboy comment. I mean who in the industry puts more content and freedom in their games? Some of you kids on this site make it imposible for people like me to keep more than 1 bubble.
Making stupid comments like 'Bethesda is lazy' just can not go unchallenged as long as I have a bubble left.

Bathyj2919d ago

Well its not LAW that both versions have to be equal. Just MS's strong desire.

Dust 514 probably isnt that big of a concern to them. I mean, how many sales could it really cost?

And Valve seem to WANT to show the difference between the platform networks as if to make a point for not being able to support early titles (Team Fortress) as they would have liked to, so good luck pushing them around. Valve have Steam, they dont need to suck up as much as some other publishers might.

However, I'd imagine Microsoft would see an endless slew of user generated free mods for one of the biggest games of the year as a substantial perk and a good reason to get it on PS3.

Why the hell were there no mods on GTAIV?

If there had been on PS3 and none on XB, which version would YOU think would be regarded as superior?

Sony showed early in the generation they were open to this and devs havent taken it up. I can only think of one reason why not.

Anyway, make of it what you will. I thought it was well documented MS's stance on this sort of thing.

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evrfighter2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Well I know the ps3 fanboys were convinced of mods. But I mean anyone with common sense knew it wasn't happening

mods belong in the realm of the master race. Hardware limitations can gtfo.

solar2919d ago

but the ps3 is a super computer. it can do everything. i saw the commercial, i know.

HSx92919d ago

Not impossible.

You can mod the PS3 version of Oblivion if you have a modded PS3, you install hte mods the same way as you do with PC.

Persistantthug2919d ago

-PS3 has mod capability with Unreal Tournament 3. They did that in early in the gen in could be done BETTER in 2011 and 2012.

-Bethesda developer(s) said they were interested in doing mods for consoles. In fact, they said it's about as simple as just turning on the debug mode for tools and whatnot....I was excited at the potential.

-A few weeks later, Bethesda developer said Mods were gonna be possible because "THE CONSOLE INFRASTRUCTURE WOULDN'T/DOESN'T ALLOW FOR IT" (Paraphrase)

-A few weeks later, Bethesda announces timed exclusive DLC for the XBOX 360.

Some wonder how the Microsoft holds back the game advancements, well this is it. I'm rightfully pissed about this.

dark-hollow2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Blame microsoft for the worlds problems. Classic.
Why wouldn't sony allow mods for it own games then???
Unless ms is paying sony too!!!

Bobbytheblobby2919d ago

sony vs ms 'debates'. love 'em

YodaCracker2919d ago

Another conspiracy theory, huh?

Back when this talk of mods working on console versions of Skyrim was going on, Todd Howard was quoted as saying, "There's a chance it might happen one day, but I don't see it happening in time for launch."

A chance it might happen one day. You shouldn't have gotten your hopes up. But to blame Microsoft for this too is really outrageous.

Persistantthug2919d ago

"Why wouldn't sony allow mods for it own games then???"

Sony would allow mods....As I mentioned, they already do.

It's MICROSOFT who doesn't allow them.

It's also Microsoft who, reportedly doesn't allow extra content on disk that their system doesn't get. However, I do admit that their wouldn't be a prudent way to stop them, considering how big of a franchise TES is. However, what Microsoft did was buy them off by securing timed DLC.

dark-hollow2919d ago

Ok but they allowd it on one game (I think so) and that is UT3
Why won't sony have mod support for their own exclusives since there is no microsoft influence here?

Persistantthug2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

But if it's any consolation answer....Little Big Planet 1 and especially #2 is effectively 1 big game of mods.....basically.

Certainly Sony doesn't stop devs from doing mods if that's what they want to do.

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Shadowaste2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

It's not the devs fault, blame your greedy console overlords, (most likely microsoft who state no game for playstation can have features which are not also on xbox).

Honestly, get this game on pc, treat yourself to the true version of 100's of games.

Every game is way better on PC!

Skyrim will be no different, true 1080p instead of sub-hd (doubt this game will be even 720p on console, probably something nasty like 640p) real anti-aliasing that gets rid of all the terrible jaggies, no screen tear, high quality textures

But most of all , MODS!!!!!!

Foxton012919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Quick saves !

- or i should probably say faster load times overall

gravemaker2919d ago

dont care, will play on pc and have a ton of fun doing it
every game is better on pc indeed

GraveLord2919d ago

I agree. even piracy is better on PC. It's so easy.

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