Next Uncharted 3 review arrives, Gold Award given

The next Uncharted 3 review has arrived. Popular Dutch gaming magazine Power Unlimited is carrying a review of the title, and although the magazine’s not out until Wednesday, we’ve the first details and a sneak peak for you.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Honestly now, Naughty Dog makes me proud to own a PS3. So many devs claiming to have reached PS3´s maximum,and ND manages to shut all of them up with UC3 :´)

FlameBaitGod2921d ago

When they say that their talking about their engine Iroquois

Iroquois_Pliskin2921d ago


Sir, your comment made no sense whatsoever

zeeshan2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Wow... I guess when they launch this monster of a game ND should simply say this to all other devs, "kitty got wet, bitches!". The game seems to be screaming this at least.

sikbeta2920d ago

Excellent! no surprises here though :D

IrishAssa2920d ago

Come on you all know what he means, Uncharted utilises Ps3 for how it looks. Scale, Physics...nope. BF3 utilises it in other ways. I love the way people say BF3 doesn't even look as good as Uncharted 2(it really doesn't) when DiCE says the maxed the Ps3. Fact is, not other game on Ps3, especially the good looking ones, hav nearly the amount of other shi* going on as BF3, physics(bullets) vehicles, scale(yes that includes flying vehicles and size of the map) Destruction. And it doesn't look like shi*. Imagine that, no other dev will try any of that. Just stick to looking good, but they'll never try and innovate. Dice have been trying new shi* since BC1

Now. I'm not trying to put down uncharted 3. As it is fu**ing amazing looking. It's set pieces are simply amazing, movies don't come close to this stuff, there has never been a game were you can't tell which part is a cutscene and which isn't, Uncharted 3 keeps the quality of it's set piece cut scenes in the actual game. Amazing on ND's part

aquamala2920d ago

All the credit goes to ND, they are doing amazing things on ancient hardware.

Dacapn2920d ago

Man other games are doing the same amount but allocating those resources elsewhere. Easy example: KZ3

What KZ3 lacks in destruction and vehicles is made up in sheer detail. I have yet to play another shooter with as much detail jam packed into a map. One friends came from COD and started playing the game and had trouble at first because there was so much s**t in the map. I had to make the same adjustment when I played KZ2.

Army_of_Darkness2920d ago

it feels great knowing that my ancient hardware can still compete with these upgradeable PC's :-)

BrianC62342920d ago

"When they say that their talking about their engine Iroquois"

I assume this comment means third party developers say they can't make their game engines better on the PS3. If that's what you mean it's because their game engines are designed to make PC and 360 games. That's really hurting the quality of console gaming too. Everyone should be able to match the quality of Sony's first party developers. Sony will even help them get better if they need help.

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Dante1122921d ago

"The above is just a rough translation but it appears the magazine has considered the game to be one of the very best this gen, and certainly crowned it as being the best PlayStation 3 exclusive to release in 2011."

Sweet! I can't wait to play UC3.

fluffydelusions2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I didn't know how ND would top UC2...well looks like they did just going by what I've read so far.

Drekken2921d ago

I really didn't have a doubt. The multiplayer in this game is way beyond UC2 too. ND rocks.

The whole industry needs to set new bars 11/1/11.

saladthieves2921d ago

The Naughty Dogs have done it again!

2920d ago
BushLitter2921d ago

Did anyone notice what it says on the cover about Dark Souls?

'Dark Souls - Not for pussies'

What's funnier is that is the only thing (aside from the various game titles) that is written in English!

TheBossMan2921d ago

THIS. I looked at the left column, saw that and laughed like hell. Especially it being the only English subtitle.

DigitalAnalog2921d ago



FlameBaitGod2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )


You know each company aether makes their game engine or rent them right ? like UE3, Frostbyte and etc. How is this hard to understand? If you make a crappy engine you may be using all the cores in the ps3 or 360 but that doesn't mean your getting the best of it. That's y game developers keep tweaking their engines, so they can get more of the platforms. How stupid can be you to not understand that?

evilunklebud2920d ago

OK.. I want this.... Now.

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psb2921d ago

can you please send my pre-order SOON. Naughty Dogs are legends, Uncharted 3 will be the king of 2011.

BushLitter2921d ago

Naughty Dogs are a pain the arse. Naughty Dog however is a very talented developing studio

padz12921d ago

Yeah,I've got naughty dogs and I resent them for not being Naughty Dog.

WhiteLightning2921d ago

You would think a big site like IGN would of been the frst to give out a review rather then European does it work, is it random or is it who ever gets the review done first ?

Dante1122921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

@ White

The review embargo ended for magazines on the 15th, online sites are on the 25th. That's why you're seeing magazines reviews first.

WhiteLightning2921d ago

Oh right, thanks for answering

jony_dols2921d ago

I don't know why they just lift d embargo sooner. We all know its going to be amazing. Why not let the whole world know!

cyborg2921d ago

print magazine have an embargo date which ends on October 15th, while the online one ends on October 25. So, you'll see plenty of print reviews coming in during the course of this week. Hope that clears things out for you.

MostJadedGamer2921d ago

The sites that review first are basically bribed to give it a very high score. If they don't they won't get a early review copy of any more Sony games, and may not get a review copies at all.

rjdofu2921d ago

Here goes the conspiracy theory


DigitalAnalog2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm not quite sure if your intention is to "roleplay" into your username to troll but just in case you are really are serious on what you said, then you my friend, are quite delusional.

If what you say is true, then every game that has a high score from their first review also applies. Too have such a mindset is in fact.... quite jaded.

MostJadedGamer2920d ago

"If what you say is true, then every game that has a high score from their first review also applies."

No only the really big name games get this kind of special treatement. 95% of the games dont have that luxury.

ArmGunar2921d ago

This amazing game :cool: