Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Map Breakdown

From "The beta is over, the clock is counting down, and we're all just waiting for Battlefield 3 to hit the shelves. Despite the single-player looking more serious and up-scale this time around, a lot of people's attention is going to be on the multiplayer. After an extensive hands-on with this wonderful, wonderful mode, Strategy Informer is going to give you a quick run-down of all the Multiplayer maps that will be available at launch, barring the 'Back to Kharkand' maps".

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Mr Tretton2927d ago

I'm getting a proper PC this week. This will be one of the first games I get. Can't wait.

2927d ago Replies(1)
WeaseL2927d ago

Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator on The Gadget Show next week

AllroundGamer2927d ago

only 2 conquest maps?... i thought every map could be also played in conquest mode... i am disappoint :(

TheOtherTheoG2927d ago

That's just saying which modes they played each map on, rather than the only mode for each map, every map can still be played in every mode.