Bioware - "People seem to find it hard to go back to other MMOs once they play The Old Republic"

"TGL caught up with BioWare founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk to talk about BioWare's Irish expansion and why Star Wars: The Old Republic does everything a traditional MMO does and more"

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Tanir2919d ago

game is no good, its just a wow clone with voice acting.

play something free thats actually good like vindictus.

but if your a starwars fan and being a jedi makes you smile then i guess you will enjoy it

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SH0CKW4VE2919d ago

I think weve already seen the best this game has to offer

i.e The Trailers

sonicsidewinder2919d ago

Amazing they can say that, what with it not being released yet.

Robotronfiend2919d ago

"Go back"? How do they have trouble "going back" to other MMOs when this one isn't even out yet? Or maybe its so bad they are just finished with the MMO genre as a whole and decide to just play Skyrim after release for a few hundred hours instead.

Si-Fly2919d ago

Congratulations on the dumbest post I've read this month!

"people have trouble going back to other mmo's once they've played TOR"

.... In case you're still struggling with that quote, he means the people who have play tested the game so far like it so much they are struggling to "go back" to their other mmo's ... make sense?!

Robotronfiend2918d ago

Congratulations on missing the point. I understand the intent of the statement, but it is meaningless because the game is in beta. The testers are selected from a highly interested and motivated group of applicants who have above minimum PC specs. They also are not paying for access to TOR.

Of course they like it! Once the general public starts playing it and paying subscriptions, then a statement like that will have meaning. Until then beta testers aren't "going back" to their old MMOs because they aren't losing anything by playing TOR. Once there's a subscription required to play, then people will "go back" to other MMOs. They also didn't mention anything about how they determine who has an active sub to another game and measuring how much time they are spending on all MMOs, not just TOR. Poor data collection and faulty logic twisted together to make a crappy, sensationalist statement for the media.

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