Battlefield 3 Online Gameplay : Tips & Tricks Bootcamp

This video is a tips and tricks video that previews some of the topics that will be covered in depth with on this channel. Battlefield 3 Walkthroughs and Tutorials. These are tips you don't hear on many channels

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lostinplace2928d ago

Can't wait for this game! Didn't know there were OompaLoompas in it though.

Hufandpuf2928d ago

That OompaLoompa has scarred me for life now.

Dart892928d ago

Most important one you should know is stick with your squad this ain't cod so being a lone wolf wont do you anything but getting you killed.

SH0CKW4VE2928d ago

BF3 Tactics!

Hide in a corner with a suppressed Machine gun!

Only could those kind of tactics be suggested by a control pad peasssant!


1. hug your walls (yes they are good cover)
2. Pay attention to your team mates positions, you dont all want to be running down the same chokepoint
3. Dont reload your clip until empty
4. Short controlled bursts
5. Side arm is quicker than reloading
6. Dont be afraid to fire off the hip at close range
7. Semi auto is much better at distance
8. save your grenades for entering enclosed areas or rooms
9. stick with your squad
10. Dont be afraid of dying, get in there!
11. K/D ratios wont get you a sponsorship program with an energy drink
12. if a your an assault and you hear "medic" you might want to turn around and throw a health pack
13. Make sure you kill enemies BEFORE reviving team mates.
14. Observe other enemies besides the ones your team mates are engaging
15. after dealing with an enemy, always look for the next one
16. DONT engage vehicles without a sound strategy
17. Yes tanks are impervious to bullets
18. spawning on a team mate who is sniping is a BAD idea
19. Firing tank turrets blindly is annoying to team mates
20. waiting for vehicles makes you an asshole
21. If you cant use it, dont whore it i.e if you crash a jet into the nearest building upon take off they probably arent for you.
22. Tanks are weak from behind
23. machine guns on tanks are anti infantry NOT anti air, we really dont need to let that enemy chopper know were we are, thanks.
24. If you see an engineer repairing a tank he is more than likely going to jump back in that tank, this is Battlefield, not Grand Theft Auto.
25. Stop watching the pretty things in the sky
26. If there is a bothersome enemy tank, consider being an engineer or getting sneaky with C4
27. Dont sit next to snipers with a machine gun, its really not a good idea
28. If a guy has a spot, find another, your doing no good coverign the same way.
29. patience is key, only take shots you know you can make.
30. Bonus advance tip, If you see an unoccupied enemy tank DONT destroy it, repair it and use it, its another weapon with which to fight the enemy!

Hagaf222928d ago

LOL @ 20 and 24. So true. I hate repairing tanks and watching them drive off!!

Elwenil2927d ago

I agree with all of these but I do have a differing opinion on #3. I will reload my magazine (no one uses clips anymore) when there is time and I have used over half of it's capacity. This can be pretty frequent when using a rifle like the G3 which only has a 20 round magazine. I DO NOT condone the constant reloading like the average CoD player. You will generally get shot in the middle of reloading more often than not if you are up front in the action.

I'd also like to expand on a few like #22. Tanks generally have the heaviest armor on the front at the glacis plate. Side armor is generally less and rear and top armor is the weakest. In BC2, on console at least, it seemed that the armor was only weak on top with any certainty but I assume BF3 will follow BF2 with the more realistic armor. Attacks from above and the rear will be much more effective.

#23, don't be "that guy" that jumps in a tank as the machine gunner and randomly fires the weapon just because you are bored. You will give away your position and piss off the tank driver. In BC2, I would stop the tank and sit there until the gunner suffering from ADD would get pissed and jump out before moving on. When I'm flanking a tank, I don't need a bunch of tracers in the sky to signal everyone where I am and what I'm doing. Don't be "that guy".

#30, I don't think many players new to the Battlefield series realize that vehicles respawn a certain amount of time after the vehicle it's replacing is destroyed. You destroy a tank, a minute or two later it respawns back at their base or checkpoint. If you capture that tank, your team now has an extra tank and the enemy has now lost one. Under normal circumstances your captured enemy tank will take the place of a respawning friendly tank but if you guard your tanks well, you can exceed the number of tanks your team can have and deprive the enemy of one of theirs.

Elwenil2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

A few other points on tanks and armored operations in general:

-Don't sit still unless you are concealed and ambushing. A tank that is stationary and has been spotted by the enemy is a sitting duck. A moving target is much harder to hit. Keep your tank moving and learn how to fight against other tanks and infantry while on the move. Stopping and trading shots with another tank while you both try to range each other gets nothing done. Even if you can't hit the enemy tank while hauling tail across the map, he will generally have a harder time hitting you and if he chooses to sit stationary, one of your teammates will probably take advantage of the opportunity. Keep moving!

- Getting back to the armor effectiveness, keep an eye on your surroundings. If you get damaged and have to fall back, do it in reverse. Naturally you don;t want to back into a rock or building and get hung up, so keep an eye on where you are and have a plan for getting out of trouble. You can go much faster going forward, so it may be worth it to back around behind some cover and then turn around to retreat faster but it's a judgement call each time and one you have to weigh the options on for each situation. Whatever you do, don't expose your weaker armor to the enemy unless you absolutely have to. There are some very good tankers out there in the Battlefield world and they will capitalize on your every mistake.

- Use the range markers on the gunsight. Once you get used to the range and round drop on the gun, be aware of the range and how high you have to aim to drop a round on target. Hopefully BF3 will bring back the range to target on the HUD but I haven't paid enough attention to the vids to be sure. Either way, know the range and make your rounds count. Taking 3 rounds to range your target is a bad idea if your enemy does not have to do the same.

- On light armor, like the APCs and IFVs, avoid tanks! Yes, an APC/IFV can take out a tank, but you don't want to go up against a healthy tank as it has much higher offensive and defensive capability. If you are working with a team and know the tank is damaged, you can get in a couple shots from the cannon or AT and take it out but going toe to toe with a tank on even footing is not a good idea. If you must attack a tank, lead with the AT missile on the weak points of the tank's armor. The 20/25mm cannon is about like a bee sting to a rhino and usually just gives your position away. Lead with the AT and blast away with the cannon and back into cover until the AT reloads. APCs and IFVs are for infantry support, not full on armored combat so use them wisely. Don't throw away a vehicle!

- Finally, DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, under any circumstances use an armored vehicle as a "ride" into combat and then abandon it. If you do, you are a waste of space on the server and are doing more harm than good. Remember how much fun attacking on Valparaiso is when they take your Bradley IFV and use it to defend the MCOMS? When done properly it can completely break a team's will to fight. Don't give the enemy access to your vehicles! Either ride it out until it's destroyed or fall back and get repaired. Armor is not basic transportation and I don't give a damn how much you hate to walk, don't ruin your chances by giving the enemy your armor.

I could probably write a book with more but I'll leave it at this for now.