Team Ninja reveals new announcer details for Dead or Alive 5

Team Ninja has revealed several interesting details regarding the announcer’s role in the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fighting game, Dead or Alive 5.

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nyobzoo2921d ago

not much but still good to hear news about this game

princejb1342921d ago

nice team ninja have their hands full at the moment with dmc reboot and dead or alive 5,
thats good to know
i also like ryu hayabusa is in the game, i love ninja gaiden

Neoninja2921d ago

Ninja Theory, the guys that did Heavenly Sword and Enslaved is doing the DmC reboot. Team Ninja does Ninja Gaiden. Just thought I correct you on that before a fanboy goes nuts on you.

VsAssassin2921d ago

Uhm Team Ninja isn't working on DMC reboot, Ninja Theory is...

princejb1342921d ago

oops sorry guys i get confused with all the ninjas lol

Neoninja2920d ago

No big deal. It happens to the best of us.

TheCopyNinja2916d ago

I hope they include all previous System Voices in DOA5. I want the DJ's system voice from the DOA4 wrestling stage.

jack_burt0n2916d ago

wow dead or alive 5, back on PS means it will finally get a japanese following again!