Why is our industry still obsessed with blissful graphics?

Bought a gaming magazine lately? Or maybe been on your favourite gaming site (let us down slowly, won't you?), and read a review? I'd put more than a beer or two on it having a section or maybe even a rating of the graphics. aGamingSite looks into the obsession we have and asks: why?

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jc485732926d ago

I know graphics are not everything, but i think it's time developers start updating their games to look better from what it used to be years ago.

Outside_ofthe_Box2926d ago

I love when people say they don't care about graphics.

Anyone else that don't care about graphics want to start a petition for sony and microsoft to have their next gen consoles be limited to N64 graphics so that developers can focus on the gameplay and story?

christheredhead2926d ago

Well of course there is an obvious standard for this gen, but with that being said i dont care about graphics. not really even a little bit. as long as it looks decent by the standards of current tech im fine with that. i dont need the most outstanding photo ultra hyper realistic graphics ever. give me a good art style and use the current hardware and ill be fine.

gamers bicker over graphics like it someone matters when it doesn't. i often see gamers getting suckered in to buying games based on the hype that looking good will mean the game is good, which is rarely the case. less emphasis on graphics and more emphasis on content/gameplay would be nice.

gamingdroid2926d ago

I care about graphics, just a lot less than a lot of other things including game play, story, artistic direction, where my friends are at and how I can communicate with them if it is an online game.

So in short, I care about graphics... it just tends to be at the bottom of my list.

I will take Wii graphics any day, if game play is top notch!

DaTruth2926d ago

Hey, better they be obsessed with graphics than sales!

Why is this industry so obsessed with sales? That's a better question! Does anybody care how many people bought Civics or Corollas?

MrBeatdown2926d ago


You're totally warping the meaning behind that.

I could say I don't care what I have for dinner. It doesn't mean I'd be happy with fresh dog crap.

Obviously, whoever says they don't care about graphics doesn't feel they need to state what should be obvious. The basic expectation that graphics should meet current standards shouldn't need to be explicitly stated, just like it shouldn't need to be clarified that when I say I don't care what I have for dinner, I don't mean I'm open to eating what we find in the garbage can.

badz1492926d ago

don't you just love it when things you like look pretty? just look at Uncharted for example...looks gorgeous and plays awesome! not just that, it also tells good stories!

and where would Nvidia and ATI be if people are not looking for great graphics?

gamingdroid2926d ago

***and where would Nvidia and ATI be if people are not looking for great graphics?***

Ironically, they are exactly where they are, as a nice market now, due to the "graphicz!"


***Hey, better they be obsessed with graphics than sales!***

That depends, if it is an online game, I prefer to be where the biggest online community is at.

Having people to play with, tends to be a factor with multi-player games.

***Does anybody care how many people bought Civics or Corollas?***

To some degree I do, as I own a Corolla. Getting parts for it is a lot easier and they will be around a lot longer, if there is a lot of people a particular car not to mention the benefit of cheaper parts.

In a similar vein, if a game sold well it is likely to be well supported long after it was sold.

DaTruth2926d ago

"***Does anybody care how many people bought Civics or Corollas?***

To some degree I do, as I own a Corolla. Getting parts for it is a lot easier and they will be around a lot longer, if there is a lot of people a particular car not to mention the benefit of cheaper parts."

To the degree you talk about it everyday? I don't think you qualify as "obsessed" with Civic and Corolla sales! You're just trying to justify it by grasping at straw!

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BitbyDeath2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I think there is a big difference that is escaping everybody and that is graphics do not have to be realisitc to look good.

I would be happy if more games looked as good as Plants Vs Zombies or Pixel Junk Monsters because they are easy to look at and do not have pixels sticking out in all the wrong places.

The problem with developers is that they aim too far ahead of themselves and never leave the time or processing power to polish off their work.

Graphics is an art and a lot of the developers out there are not finishing their painting.

gamingdroid2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

You know there is only so much you can do with 5-year old hardware. Even Naughty Dog recently said the graphic leap (or should I say incremental increase) is likely to be relatively minimal and we have seen that repeatedly.

You want graphics, go PC or wait for the Wii U!

That said, most of the games I play repeatedly isn't due to the graphics, it is all due to game play like Mass Effect, CoD, Gears of War, StarCraft, and for story line again like Mass Effect and Bioshock.

ZombieAssassin2926d ago

Once we get closer to photo-realism is when I actually think people will stop comparing 24/7, only because....welll most games will look superb and the funny thing is then people will prolly compare more artistic and different graphic styles.

Saladfax2926d ago

Which will actually be either more interesting or more infuriating to consider. More interesting because maybe enlightened discussion can come out of it; a discourse on the pros and cons of different stylings.

But just wait until hordes of screaming children, spouting how much better their favorite game's aesthetic style is.

Y'know, screaming about a completely subjective, opinion-based thing. Yeah, my money's on infuriating.

Agheil2926d ago

MAIN Thing is that it provides immersion of the player into the game, (along with sound,gameplay, story, etc.)

AsianOnRoute692926d ago

Cuz better graphics = more realism = greater immersion = happy consumers

i_like_ff72926d ago

games aren't just about immersion and realism. Realism isn't fun 90% of the time. Are the soldiers in afganistan having fun in war? Realism is only a setup for gameplay options. If uncharted was real, drake wouldn't be hopping on walls like a squirrel.

NegativeCreep4272926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

They may be a bit lighter in weight and a bit smaller in frame that Nathan Drake, but it's not like such actions aren't feasible and are entirely unrealistic.

But even so-called "realistic" games like military shooters can really be seen as not very realistic with regard to physics, AI, and ballistic factors. "Realistic" really only refers to graphical style and artwork.

Oh how do I hate the fact that shotguns in FPSs only hit targets if they are about 15 feet from you or closer. Shotguns in real life (with bird shot rounds) can be accurate up to 40 feet. I'm not just talking about slugs. If you take that into consideration, those "realistic" games are actually not very realistic at all.

i_like_ff72926d ago

Lol there are gymnasts who can do similar stunts that drake can do but now where near as fast and no where near as agile. Thats not even an arguement.

Uncharted is just an example. There's hundreds of other games i can name.

LOL Elder Scrolls realistic? Call of Duty Realistic? Mario Realistic? Final Fantasy realistic? Games are not the same thing as simulators.

There's a game more realistic then anything. Its called real life.

nycredude2926d ago


Real life isn't a game bro. Trying dying and see what happens. Don't forget to save first.

Agheil2926d ago

Realism doesnt always mean immersion.
Immersion= Gets you to believe what's happening and forget the real world
Realism= The graphics,physics, etc simulate something in real life.

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SageHonor2926d ago

Technology is better. Graphics are more important for gamers. We want things to look good and it adds to immersion i guess.

But in my opinion graphics does not equal fun. Gameplay and story is more important to me than graphics

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