America's Army: True Soldiers gets 3.7/10 from IGN - 'just plain bad'

IGN's Nate Ahearn writes:

"In this job there are very few moments when the thought, 'Man, I wish I had a different life' enter one's head. America's Army: True Soldiers is one of the rarest of games that fosters such a notion. It's a game that's so bad it makes me wish that IGN didn't have a hard and fast rule governing the use of expletives. Given the opportunity, this review would have been filled with f-bombs, s-words, and plenty of creative combinations of human body parts and sharp objects that would be followed by more f-bombs and s-words. The game is just that bad."

"America's Army is essentially a poorly-rehashed version of the original GRAW. Not to mention, it has the worst cover bug we've seen in awhile. It's the kind of game that makes you want to write 43 and a half pages of cuss words, slam your head on your desk 13 times and hope and pray that you don't remember having ever played it when you wake up. This game is just plain bad."

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MK_Red3986d ago

Wow, this is low. I believe IGN gave a higher score to Hour of Victory...

TnS3986d ago

You are right, Hour of Victory got 5.7/10 from IGN. :)

MK_Red3986d ago

Wow, if IGN gave 5.7 to that thing... God knows how awefull this one is.
I'm kinda interested in the game just to see how bad it is. A rental might be on the way. I love playing some of the really bad games. I enjoyed Vampire Rain as a Z-grade game and hopefully this one could be the same...

TrenchaunT3986d ago

Oh my gosh.. anything that scores lower than Hour of Victory seriously deserves to be dumped in the trash.

The positive side is at least they couldn't possibly have wasted THAT much of our tax money on this... I mean, if they paid a lot for it, they probably would have produced a better game.

N4GayFanturds3986d ago

You don't know how fast I deleted this garbage off my Elite.

Boink3986d ago

that's a hilarious review.

MK_Red3986d ago

Agreed. It's a really fun review and I'm actually kinda interested just to play the game and make fun of it.

The thing I don't get is that the review sounds as if it got 1/10. It has some 4s and that's not what the cuss wanting review says. (LOL at the intro and the middle with cover system).

kamisama3986d ago

one of the worst games i played

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The story is too old to be commented.