'Bricks of War' mixes Gears and Lego with awesome results

XMNR: Stop-motion Lego films are always cool but have you ever wondered what a Lego Marcus from Gears of War would look like chainsawing a Lego Locust? Good news then as Kooberz Studios created just that with a recently released short film.

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NoobJobz2922d ago

Neat. Enjoyed the headshot with the mulcher and the hammer of dawn.

Angels37852922d ago

Other than the fact that this slightly makes fun of Gears of War, if this was a LEGO game.......I would seriously buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks cool, funny, and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GearsOfWar2922d ago

I don't look at it as making fun, but as a tribute.

no_more_heroes2922d ago

Oh wow, I actually really enjoyed that. That was pretty cool!

BX812922d ago

That was pretty damn cool. It's sweet to see what some people can come up with.

ShinraE52922d ago

This might be the best thing the internet has produced...ever.

This would be a must buy lego game, shame it won't happen =( a man can dream though !

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The story is too old to be commented.