The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword collector's strategy guide revealed

● Explore Skyloft and beyond with our fully labeled maps of the game world and all dungeons.
● Puzzles are more challenging than ever, but we help you solve them all with our detailed walkthroughs!
● Equip yourself for adventure with our complete stats on the game's massive selection of items and rewards, plus a comprehensive guide to upgrading all your equipment.
● Vanquish every fiendish new enemy and conquer every boss battle with our combat tactics.
● Find every Heart Container and collectible with the help of our checklists!
● Tips and strategies for all finding all secrets, mini games and special areas!
● Hardcover collector's edition includes bonus cloth map of the surface world

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EcoSos32924d ago

I think ill get it just to have it.

ronin4life2924d ago

I'm thinking the same thing.
Mostly just for the map.
This is the third high quality map for a video game that I know of.

ScubaSteve12924d ago

hurry up amazon have this so i can preorder