BF3 - Soldiers "Appear on the Map for a Short Time" When Firing an Unsuppressed Weapon

MP1st - "Earlier today, it was reported that you do not show up on the mini-map when firing an unsuppressed weapon in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer. However things have recently been cleared up by DICE."

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Hockeydud192924d ago

Is the map 3d? That's about the only thing COD has that I hope BF3 does.

Criminal2924d ago

I don't know if it's 3d or not, but the final version will have a better mini-map compared to the beta.

Mister_V2924d ago

I guess the mini-map is not really 3D, but you consider the in-game spotting mechanic 3D.

sonicsidewinder2924d ago

I'm confused. This article is saying you do, while another is saying you don't...

radphil2924d ago

I noticed that too sonic.

Mister_V2924d ago

You guys are both right. However, our news is more recent and the source actually negates that article.