Sledgehammer 'probably' canceling Call of Duty action adventure

GM Glen Schofield says game would have been too "niche"; studio likely to move on to own project after Modern Warfare 3.


I copy pasted the title from Gamespot, sorry for the typo, blame Gamespot not me pleae lol :)

the title spelled correctly is:

Sledgehammer 'probably' cancelling Call of Duty action adventure

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NYC_Gamer2924d ago

it wouldn't have sold call of duty needs to stay fps

Relientk772924d ago

I think it still would have sold well, but I respect your opinion.

gamingdroid2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I think it would have sold too. The founders of Sledgehammer made Deadspace, so it had a very good chance of being good.

I hope it doesn't get cancelled. Would love to see a third person CoD!

Can't wait for MW3 though....

Ghoul2924d ago

why bring some innovation and new gameplay when you can milk the same formula to death ?

i like cod but i hardly play the sequels longer then a couple of weeks since i played mw2 for months

GraveLord2924d ago

It's not Infinity Wards fault that you played MW2 to death.

You say Modern Warfare 3 has no innovation? Go look up the new features of the game. You'll be surprised at how many changes they're doing.

Ghoul2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )


you guys read what you want to read eh ?

i said its sad that they cancled a project that would expand the franchise and start a new approach, i dint say it wouldnt have innovation.

read carefully please
i said formula, NOT that it doesnt hav any innovation

Relientk772924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I updated it and thank you, I did not even see that.

*edit: I gave u bubbles up for being intelligent btw


lorianguy2924d ago

'Tis a shame. Would've been interesting for Call of Duty to be radically changed and offer something new for once...

MasterD9192924d ago

If its anything like MW2's 3rd person mode this is a good thing...Of course this means they'll be working on something else then too which is a plus.

Sobari2924d ago

Of course this game was probably designed with 3rd person in mind, whereas it was simply tacked on in MW2.