Homefront Revisited

Juan of VIvid Gamer writes:

"Considering the holiday season coming up and the spare cash that will result from it, people might find themselves finally willing to dive into a game considered a ‘”risk.” With reviews all over the place, and the average user score of 5.2 on Metacritic, Homefront is a risk many will take when they see it for $15 to $20 after Thanksgiving."

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rrquinta2918d ago

Kind of disappointing how quickly THQ gave up on the game, all things considered.

dwightmccarthy2918d ago

their mp had some good ideas sad that the matchmaking was so bad

Dart892918d ago

Really??Cuz i tried the demo on the psn and within seconds i was in a match might be your connection.

ncstatefan9532918d ago

More people are probably playing the demo than the full game

paybackprahl2918d ago

Great article. I enjoyed reading your candid thoughts about the game's campaign and multiplayer component. It's a shame to hear that the Platinum trophy is basically unobtainable at this point.