Metro Last Light multiplayer not a COD clone. Truly unique modes will thrill Metro 2033 fans

In an interview the developers say the truly unique multiplayer modes of Metro Last Light will thrill the original fans of Metro 2033.

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Chnswdchldrn2921d ago

does this game REALLY need a multiplayer mode?

id rather all the resources be focused on the single player aspect. I guess thats just what we gotta deal with when developers want to expand their games to idiots who can't enjoy a good game without a tacked on multiplayer mode.

And by unique modes, what can they possibly do that hasn't been done in other multiplayer games? dark ones vs. human CTF?

shayol33t2921d ago

But guy, I NEEED to be able to shoot my fwiends! How else will I prove my dominance?

Honestly, I'm with you, the atmospheric immersiveness and mood of Metro 2033 made me play over and over, just for how...good it felt to play, and how much like Artyom you felt.

RememberThe3572921d ago

How are you going to be elitist about videogames? So someones desire to play with real people makes them an idiot? The desire for multiplayer has nothing to do with the lack of desire in a single player experience. They're not mutually exclusive, you can like both. Maybe you should stop being so judgemental about something you clearly don't understand.

Anyway, we can sit here and pretend that multiplayer doesn't matter, but that shit sells games. And the more this games sells the more squeals they will make. I loved the first one and I hope they can keep this series going.

MidnytRain2921d ago

Yeah, but some games were clearly more suited to one than the other; look at Bioshock 2 and Dead Space 2. Multiplayer didn't make either of those games more popular.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32921d ago

If you're not interested in the multiplayer then don't play it. Do us all a favor and cry into your pillow...

Quagmire2921d ago

Its not about not being interested in it, its about valuable resources being put into the MP aspect, when it could be used to enrich the SP experience.

So do us all a favour and go and troll somewhere else.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32921d ago

Two bubble and you're calling someone a troll? Kids these days...

GrumpyVeteran2921d ago

eh, I dunno. Some games have a good enough SP to not need an MP component, I figure MP can take away time and resources that could've been used for a more refined campaign. This can be said both ways too, wherein some people play the game just for the MP.

We'll see how it ends up.