Kotaku: In Infamous‘ Festival of Blood, You’ll Never Be Nice, But Might Be a Swarm of Bats

Kotaku: Once a game comes out, some game developers may go to tropical locations or re-acquaint themselves with families who they barely get to see during crunch time. Sucker Punch did something a little different during their summer vacation: They turned Cole McGrath-the electrically-powered hero of the development studio's best-selling Infamous games-into a blood-sucking vampire.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2926d ago

finally we get some information on this game, and it comes out this month.

mieko2926d ago

They had given gamespot an actual video preview. It looks pretty dope. Finally cole has been given the ability of flight.

brettyd2926d ago

cant wait for this, got it pre ordered. The free dynamic theme is pretty awesome as well.