Battlefield 3 - DICE Clarifies PC and Console Graphical Comparisons

DICE settles worries of the console community after stating that the lowest graphical settings of the PC version of Battlefield 3 will be equivalent to the console version.

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Hockeydud193152d ago

The way I see it, if you don't have a PC you don't know what your missing out on unless you go searching for what your missing. So i'll be perfectly fine with my lesser copy of Battlefield 3 on the PS3 or Xbox 360 whichever I get it on.

Brosy3152d ago

I'll be getting it on 360 and am not worried about the differences. I'll take my controller,x-game chat,50'plasma all while laying comfortably on my bed over the other options.

Kewl_Kat3152d ago

I pre-ordered mine for the ps3. I'll get the pc version later when it eventually shows up on steam. PC releases usually go down in price weeks or a few months after release.

Mrmagnumman3573152d ago

either way you play it is fine, just saying though you can play the pc version with a 360 controller on a 50 in tv

Autodidactdystopia3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Dammit brosy... Had to go there didnt you.

I am laying comfortably on my bed right now.

Nowhere near my PC.

People forget that PC had every piece of tech you tout for consoles first. wifi bluetooth USB 3D even Blu ray.

that includes this wireless keyboard and blue track mouse I'm using.
about the tech that makes it easy to lay on your bed.

DaTruth3152d ago

"either way you play it is fine, just saying though you can play the pc version with a 360 controller on a 50 in tv"

You can get owned left and right on the pc version with a 360 controller!

It may be technically possible, but it's not realistic!

Kamikaze1353152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

I play on my PC maxed out on a TV with an Xbox 360 controller sitting on a couch, lol. U mad?

decrypt3152d ago

Funny how console gamers will rave about the piddly differences between the console versions, yet when there is a mountain of a difference between PC and console they will say stuff like "you don't know what your missing out on unless you go searching for what your missing"


nanometric3152d ago

Hey, I'm also playing my PC on my 40" Bravia whilst sitting in my club chair, but damn, using the mouse & keyboard is such a pain in the ass. There really is no where to place them. I have to put the keyboard on my lap and I use a book on the arm rest as a mouse pad, which makes my mouse wobbly :/

limewax3152d ago


Yeah I tend not to use my M+K when playing on the tv, thats where the 360 controller for windows comes in.

But if you arent willing to swap out for a controller there are quite a lot of wireless keyboard with built in mouse options, And a lot of variety. The best personally I think is the keyboard with a rollerball mouse. Its pretty much as comfy as you will get with M+K from a sofa.

Although you could always customize a laptop easily enough

Shinuz3151d ago

Well, ill be playing the "graphically superior version" with my keyboard and mouse while sitting comfortably on my couch in front of my 52" HDTV ;)

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pumpactionpimp3152d ago

exactly besides some graphic's perks, for higher end pc's, the only difference will be player count.

vortis3152d ago

The amount of vehicles on screen, the amount of destructibility (Frostbite 2.0 is being scaled back for the consoles) and lesser weapon-based physic dynamics.

But if you're okay with that stuff not being int he console version then it's fine.

3152d ago
andibandit3152d ago


Graphics dosnt matter that much but player count does. It's small scale guerilla war vs. Full frontline all guns blazing war.

pumpactionpimp3151d ago

I understand the literal differences, and am buying it on pc. But you guys make it sound like console gamers are getting the shaft here. They are not they spent considerably less money, for a perfectly playable version of the game.

At least that's all I was trying to say.

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Criminal3152d ago

I wish I could play it on PC but can't fork out for a new rig at the moment. When it's on ultra settings, the game looks amazing.

dirthurts3152d ago

The beta actually didn't have the ultra settings intact. It was restricted to very high.
Can't wait to see the game with everything enabled. I'm not even sure the beta had DX11.

Mister_V3152d ago

Wow, didn't know that. Gameplay vids already looked great!

InNomeDiDio3152d ago

restricted to high. ultra=very high

BlackKnight3152d ago

It was DX11. BF3 on PC is ONLY DX10/11, that is why they are touting it so much, it is a first for a game to finally ditch DX9/opengl 2.0/console level API's.

The beta was running in DX11 (if you had a DX11 card), but you just got the performance benefit (higher FPS), things like tesselation or any other DX11 features are supposedly only on Ultra. Though we did get MSAA options in a deferred engine, which is awesome. That can only be done on DX11. Consoles don't choose MLAA or FXAA for only performance reasons, it is also because deferred rendering can't have MSAA in DX9 (or if it can, the performance hit is something horrible, so you might as well consider it not possible.)

Little dose of info there for everyone.

bumnut3151d ago

Just Cause 2 and Shattered Horizon also don't support Dx 9

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360 man3152d ago

i hope my 5850 and quad core phenom II 965 are up to the task

dirthurts3152d ago

Same setup here.
did pretty well with the beta. The game game ran like a champ. assuming it is well optimized, we should at least get most of the DX11 settings enabled at 1080p and have a pretty slick fps.
But DX11 is a frame rate killer. I usually keep it off, except for soft shadows.

vortis3152d ago

I know right?

I turn on DX11 on an XFire setup and most games get killed down to like 20-30fps. I think OC'd I got Lost Planet 2 to run at 42fps on my xfire setup.

BlackKnight3152d ago

Most games ADD effects when you turn on DX11 (like Crysis 2). DX11 itself is actually faster than DX9. BF3 only has DX10/11 support anyways.

So when you turn on or run in DX11, most games added new effects or do old effects in better quality. It is not actually DX11 that is slow, it is the new, better looking effects that get enabled at the same time that hurts your FPS.

xAlmostPro3152d ago

i recently got a new PC(pc noob) with Gtx 560 sli & i5 overclocked to 4.4ghz xD feeling confident haha

TheReal443152d ago

hello im a pc noob as well. I just got an i7-2600 [email protected]
3.40GHz with gb of ram, and a Gtx Nvidia 560. How well do you guys think i will be able to run BF3?

BlackKnight3152d ago

560 or 560 Ti? If just the 560, then you can play most things on high and some things on medium at 1080P and get 30FPS easy. If a 560 Ti, all things on high at 1080P and 30FPS.

You can see they list the 560 Ti as the minimum for playing it high settings.

AngelicIceDiamond3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Yeah this the last and final time Dice is clarifying the difference between PC and console versions before the games released next Tuesday. Us console gamers (or allot of us) know we'll be playing the dubbed down version and understand the consequence of it, but we also realize the game is a top notch AAA title and it'll still look and play great.

Now for the weak heart console owners, just be glad that EA decided to even release this game on the console in the first place. You'll barely even notice real big changes anyways since you play console.

GamerElite3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

"just be glad that EA decided to even release this game on the console in the first place."

Yeah right, BF3 needs the console market to make up for sales that is dominated by other FPS.

AngelicIceDiamond3152d ago

@GamerElite Putting it on consoles certainty helps, but EA doesn't necessarily "Need" the console platforms really. they did it mainly for COD sake and they want to make an alternative shooter this time around instead of having to play only COD this year.

Giving people an alternatives is a good thing and Dice is the by far the only one really doing it.

awi59513152d ago

They dont need consoles thats why they made the bad company games BF proper was just for PC.

damnyouretall3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

isnt the new starwars game EA's most ambitious title to date? thats pc only. im very happy they hooked my 360 up with a port. yeah we are lucky imo, so im not going to bother bitching about comparisons

guitarded773152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

"the consequence of it"
A bit dramatic... don't you think? All I know is while people waste their time arguing over visuals, I'll be playing Battlefield 3 with my friends.

AngelicIceDiamond3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Right, on game forums EA Battlefield 3 on consoles is the bad version and and the PC version is the knight and shining armor. This maybe true but once the game releases we won't be thinking about that, we'll be playing on our respective platforms and enjoying it with our friends.

Just think about "What could of been" when we play on consoles but despite that and just have fun.