Battlelog ruined Battlefield 3 on PC

I was excited to try out Battlefield 3, and I was completely appalled by the Battlelog system. It is such a cumbersome way to interact with a game, that it has made me reconsider buying Battlefield 3.

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allyc4t2919d ago

I love it.

It's a helluva lot quicker than what DICE has used in the past. It just takes a little time to get used to.

ATi_Elite2919d ago

I liked BL cause i had it running on one screen while gaming on another and it was a hell of a lot quicker than the old format.

BL allowed for quick exit/entry to games.

Vladplaya2919d ago

Are you fking serious? You think battlelog is quicker just because its battlelog? You know DICE could have made in game menus without any bs movies or extra stats loading, any day, but they figured making cheap ass "facebook" is just easier for them.

Its sad that such big titles can't afford good ingame menus that are made by unprofessional designers and coders, and match the style of the game while setting up the mood for the player.

awi59512919d ago

Your just a hacker mad that battlelog can hardware ban your cheating ass thats all. Its way faster and better shut up.

Pandamobile2919d ago

I love how fast it is to get in and out of games.

GamerSciz2919d ago

Yea and how you can alt-tab out of it or just play it in full screen with no slow down. I have Alt-Tabbing out of any STEAM game...takes forever and a half to get back in and I have a fast rig.

JsonHenry2919d ago

^^ It is dependent on the game. It has nothing to do with steam itself. Some games alt+tab in and out quick. Others don't.

iamgoatman2919d ago

Some games can crash altogether when alt-tabbing, I hate those.

evrfighter2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

just goes to show how optimized bf3 is to be able to instant alt tab.

once the squad system is working battlelog will be the next big thing

kinda annoying seeing these new pc folk complain about everything. Once upon a time pc gamers used to embrace change. still do for the most part. just don't see those people around so much as they are too busy enjoying their gaming. which is what i'll be doing once bf3 drops

Mikeyy2919d ago


Very true, it is game specific. Fallout 3 crashes every time you try to minimise it with Vista.

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x8002919d ago

well it has its ups-downs only thing i like about it is when u click on join game and it will be joinning you in the back ground while you do other stuff.

HeavenlySnipes2919d ago

battlelog has single handedly made the game unplayable for everyone trying to play it on the PC and even if you attempt to play it, your PC will explode.


SH0CKW4VE2919d ago

You can add Origin as a non Steam game so when you launch BF3 you can bring up the overlay.

"There are two major flaws with the system: It's browser based and not in-game, and it only works for Battlefield 3."

Yet you fail to explain how either of those is a flaw exactly, I thought basic journalisim; actually basic english standards have you make a point and then explain your point and give evidence.

"When I want to join a multiplayer match, I want a giant "PLAY NOW" button in front of me. Clicking on this obvious button, should cause the game to find me a match, and let me jump in and play right away"

Your bad for gaming, I Thought selecting the multiplayer tab and then either selecting sever browser or quick match i.e the "PLAY NOW button" (for impulsive, impatient creatures such as yourself)was pretty easy and self explanatory.

Motorola2919d ago

I hope you can do that for BF3, for BC2 which I bought from EA before they became Origin, I could never add it to Steam with the overlay...

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