Firing Weapon Without Suppressor Won't Flag Players on Mini-Map

GR - "According to DICE, which is developing the upcoming multiplayer-heavy FPS, only spotting will cause you to be flagged or marked on the map. "

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Relientk772918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Cool, then people can't shoot around and give away the teams position. That is so annoying, when they try to sabotage the team in team deathmatches because their friends/clan are on the opposite team.

Dart892918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Yea i agree that happens to me all the time when i Snd on cod4 some dumbass has to ruin my hiding spot so i plant my claymore get the hell out of there and wait for the enemy to come looking for me and kill them>:).

cyborg69712918d ago

I rarely look at the mini map in this game. Because it always gets me killed.

JBSleek2918d ago

That promotes camping but okay.

SCW19822918d ago

So can someone help me understand why there will ever need to be a reason to use the suppressor or silencer?

Aggesan2918d ago

Same reason as in real life, how about that?

AllroundGamer2918d ago

so you played the game without sound?... i was almost always first in the beta, because i listened to the gun sounds around me (5.1 sound is recommended) and i always used the silencer :p

Aggesan2918d ago

I dont see why it would. Fireing a weapon hasnt revealed u in any battlefield game.

Rooted_Dust2918d ago

I think what they mean is that you won't get 3D spotted when you fire, but your position will be shown briefly on the mini-map.

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