Batman Arkham City DLC Error Message Experienced By GameSpot Staff

"Downloadable Content Issue" is plaguing Batman: Arkham City testers.

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trainsinrdr2923d ago

Typical. DLC codes NEVER seem to work for me.
I tried 3 and they were all new but wouldn't f*cking work?

lifesanrpg2923d ago

They are reporting only Xbox 360 right maybe PS3 owners are in the clear.

Ghoul2923d ago

nope my catwoman dlc doesnt work on ps3 either im pretty pissed about that, but its not officailly released yet so there is still hope

i hope they work on the 18th otherwise i will return the game

Sneak-Out2923d ago

here also, my catwomen dlc code doesnt work on ps3, i think the activation key is not available on ps store until tomorrow or wednesday in europe

belal2923d ago

has the game released?

belal2923d ago

if not, the dlc will work the day the game has released.

Ghoul2923d ago

thats the first time, the last 20 games i bought i got prior to release and every code worked straight out of the box, i hope its true

LiamIRL822923d ago

Maybe they won't be recognised by the PSN or XBL til tomorrow, the game's release day.

Reborn2923d ago

Once the game has been released, probably will work.

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