GAME Top 10 Chart: Forza 4 Takes Pole Position Over FIFA 12

Check out the latest top 10 chart from GAME.
Forza 4 is ahead of FIFA 12 and RAGE. Check out the full top 10 below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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lazertroy2923d ago

Where is the VGchartz not GAME lol.

Jobesy2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Its only because Forza 4 probably didn't sell like other 360 exclusives. Notice when any Halo or Gears game releases sales are out before the week is up? MS send out statements praising teh salez. Forza 4 is already out of the top 20 in Amazons best sellers for video games in the U.S. which is the 360s biggest territory. It will sell well eventually, but its no powerhouse in the sales dept.

@diagrees, care to explain why? Everything I said was true, maybe harsh, but true. nothing I said is disputable.

@gamingdroid, yes they did. Within days they reported that Gears 3 sold over 3 million. The story is here on n4g if you care to look it up. I don't, but its here all the same.

gamingdroid2923d ago

Except MS didn't say much about Gears 3 sales....

gamingdroid2923d ago

It might come later, but here is the latest sales information from chartrack (NPD equivalent for Europe):

Top 10 UK Software Sales (All Formats); week ending October 15:

Forza Motorsport 4
Just Dance 3
Pro Evolution Soccer 12
Gears of War 3
Dark Souls
Zumba Fitness
F1 2011
Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

That announcement from MS might just come later.

aviator1892923d ago

You should know that Forza games tend to do weakly at launch but tend to sell at a solid and constant rate after launch. Just go ahead and look at Forza 3 charts and look at its life-time sales. They start out small but incrementally increase over time.

iamnsuperman2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Really not surprised Forza and Fifa 12 are ontop with the ridiculous deals they are doing. Near me they are offering a trade in deal. Trade in a new title ,like for instance Gears, and get Forza 4 or Fifa for 99p. I am interested to see how many Game sold with these deals recently (did it for Gears as well)

Ddouble2923d ago

Forza did 107k in UK alone. Should have a good launch.

mrlonewolf2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

GAME chart has nothing to do with sales, just marketing and game have had deals with EA for years to display their games more in stores