When you play the new Syndicate, look up

The new Syndicate is every bit as brutal as the original. Only, the transition from an isometric view to first-person presents a surprising challenge.

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NagaSotuva2925d ago

I only look down to pick up ammo and collectibles, so I'm good. :)

illegalyouth2925d ago

Yeah, games need to have better environmental clues. The fewer abstract solutions, the better.

THR1LLHOUSE2925d ago

The HUD in this seems like it would encourage nothing but looking up, since it's so cluttered at the bottom with your ammo and various meters all running in the same area.

Or would that encourage you to look down, since you'll otherwise be missing everything? I don't know!

Sadie21002925d ago

It's interesting that this is a design issue, and gamers don't think that way (to look up). It seems natural to do in real-life, but I guess the screen and the controls would limit that.