Limb-tearing trumps linearity in The Darkness 2

Linearity in games is a common occurrence, but The Darkness 2's excellent ability upgrade system offers a fun and specialized experience.

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NagaSotuva2922d ago

Is this the game with the native-American protagonist? Sorry, I get confused.

THR1LLHOUSE2922d ago

That was Prey. It had ths gross doors and pre-Portal portals.

The Darkness is an Italian/American dude, I believe.

illegalyouth2922d ago

I don't get it. How exactly does an upgrade system alleviate mind-numbing linearity?

THR1LLHOUSE2922d ago

I will always fondly remember the first Darkness as the game that gave you an Achievement for kissing your girlfriend.

It's like real life, but you get Achievements and you have a girlfriend.

Akti12922d ago

this game looks kinda sweet, i didn't play the first Darkness

Tolkoto2922d ago

I keep forgetting this game is happening.

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