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David Collins writes: Hybrid games can be a tricky prospect. Often times, melding two or more genres can result in a final product that doesn’t please any of the respective audiences. On the flip side, combining multiple genres can lead to great success, even creating its own sub-category. Just look at Action-RPGs. Where would the industry be without the likes of Diablo, System Shock, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, and Deus Ex? The latest in this trend seems to be with Tower Defense. With Toy Soldiers, Monday Night Combat, and the recently released Orcs Must Die, developers have been trying to find new ways for gamers to experience the genre. Which brings me to Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders. Initially launched last year for iOS and Android, the popular mobile title has now taken its Tower Defense/Action-RPG hybrid action to Xbox LIVE Arcade, PSN, and PC. Do we have another hot amalgam on our hands or should this one have stayed in our phones? After spending some time with it.

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