The new tech and in-your-face action of Infinity Blade FX

The original Infinity Blade showed just what iOS devices were capable of. Now the game's developers take on a bigger challenge: arcades. And they feel they've got the tech in place to do it.

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NagaSotuva2922d ago

The screen may be punch-resistant, but what about blood and semen?

illegalyouth2922d ago

If the next Infinity Blade is way less grindy, I'll consider it. The items are way too overpriced and the payout from enemies is way too small.

THR1LLHOUSE2922d ago

I totally agree. As soon as they introduced the ability to buy in-game gold with real money it gave them a reason to sell you ridiculously overpriced weapons...

I played the hell out of that game until I unlocked the titular blade, and then lost all interest when I realized it would take forever to get anything else.

Sadie21002922d ago

I can't believe anyone would choose to make an arcade game now. Is the Dave and Busters market still going strong? I hate that place! Lamest games ever.