3G PlayStation Vita comes out on top in Japan

After thousands pre-ordered which version of the PlayStation Vita proved to be most popular?

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Abash2925d ago

Thats impressive. I'll be getting a 3G model myself

fluffydelusions2925d ago

I may go with the 3g model also. It's only $50 more isn't it?

WooHooAlex2925d ago

Yep, $249 for the Wifi model, $299 for the 3G/Wifi model.

I'm going with the Wifi myself.

Razongunz2925d ago

yep. 249 for wifi and 299 for wifi/3G

MasterCornholio2925d ago

Normal because it has 3G and GPS for only 50 a little more. Vita will be a hit.


Ddouble2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

3G for me. I'm not going to be the one who regrets not getting a 3G version one when some games or apps that really benefit from it comes out. Plus Japan is getting 14MB speeds on it, so i hope we get something similar for a good price of course.

Even Ruin's social features already benefit from the 3G version from what the producer said in TGS. I think think people should not dismiss it straight away.

SamPao2925d ago

3G for me too, IF there are some good contracts, or prepaid offers of course

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The story is too old to be commented.