Britxbox: Rage Review

Mark Adams writes: "Hyperbole is something that is generated quite a lot in the video game industry, arguably more so than the movie industry. Rage was announced four years ago, resulting in an explosion of hype. It looked markedly different to anything id Software had done before, and looked absolutely stunning to boot. Fast-forward to present day and the game is out, and everyone is playing it. Does it live up to the hype?

What Rage does accomplish is giving us gamers the briefest of glimpses of the future, visually at least. The town of Wellspring in particular is truly stunning; and as mentioned previously, the character models are incredibly detailed. In addition to the overall great visuals, the satisfying gameplay make Rage a game worth playing ... once."

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trainsinrdr2924d ago

Red sAGE from rdr is awesome XD

rogimusprime2924d ago

Great shooting fun, but I wonder why it got so many "OMFG" at E3 last year.... substance wasn't there for a shooter you would go back again, and again and play. Story was meh, ending was terrible. But man, did i have fun gibbing people with the shotgun loaded with pop rocket ammo.

TERRIBLE ENDING!!! Just awful. Not even a boss fight? C'mon id. How are you gonna give me a BFG, and no BOSS to use it on?

svoulis2924d ago

i feel the same way up until the end i was MEH about all of it, than i got the BFG and was like "OH YES"..saved it didn't use it on any enemies in anticipation for the boss fight that didn't exist..ever