Latest Battlefield 3 Details – Jets, Weapons, Laser Painting, More

As the anticipation for DICE’s Battlefield 3 keeps growing, there’s a batch of constant details on the shooter being unveiled by the studio. The company has now treated fans with a ton of new details for the game.

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john22926d ago

The jets is my most anticipated feature of Battlefield 3. Simply cannot wait.

lorianguy2926d ago

Heres hoping theres an offline mode here I can just fly around, or a private match mode for just me and a friend to dogfight...

Spitfire_Riggz2926d ago

Yeah kind of like the dog fighting mode that battlefield 1942 had. (or 1943?)

Iroquois_Pliskin2926d ago


Oh you mean Air Superiority in BF 1943? Agree, it would be a nice addition to the already all mighty content super BF3 lol

terrordactyl2925d ago

You mean the Coral Sea map? Yes, let's hope the game gets something similar if onloy to get rid of the runway queues we'll see on launch.

gedapeleda2925d ago

For me painting D***s on tanks and stuff

R4MBO2926d ago

Can't wait for this badboy to release. Jets is going to be awesome.

Hufandpuf2926d ago

ooo painting! What colors are there!?

SH0CKW4VE2926d ago

Hmmm ive seen this list of details before?

isnt this just recycling somebody elses information?


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