10 Of The Saddest Game Cancellations

GB: "We live in a hard and fast industry, one where quality is often ignored in favour of profitability. As a result, even though it doesn’t make much sense, some games with great potential never get a chance to shine. Anything with any kind of ambition, budget, or niche appeal is often locked in a struggle to merely exist at all, and there are far too many titles that just can’t win that battle. Here are ten games that got cancelled that we were really rather sad about."

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trainsinrdr2923d ago

Why be sad about all that crap in a year like this XD

NukaCola2923d ago

Halo: Chronicles
Call of Cthulhu: Destiny’s End
Star Fox 2
Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans
Super Mario 64-2
Mega Man Legends 3
Van Buren
Chrono Resurrection
Starcraft Ghost
Shenmue 3

^^^Here's the list. I am proud that GamingBolt is starting to move away from 50 page articles(not literally), this is only 3.

I would of added Lionhead's BC. Looks incredible and I wanted it 10x more than Fable. I think BC would of been better, although Fable is still pretty cool

Blacktric2923d ago

BC project had the potential to be thousands of times better than Fable. I hope that Lionhead revives it for Xbox 360 or for the next Xbox.

otherZinc2923d ago

Brute Force 2.

Not canceled but discontinued.

Quagmire2923d ago

I know many people dont care, but my MOST anticipated game of this year was Armada of the Damned, I'd have bought that over any game this year.

So sad when it was cancelled.

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gamingdroid2923d ago

I'm still sad about StarCraft: Ghost! :(

gillri2923d ago

Shenmue 3...............sniff

MasterD9192923d ago

Halo Chronicles not coming out is crazy...but maybe MS felt like it might split up the series. Seems stupid to pass up a Halo game considering its an Xbox exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.