Disgaea 4 Review (Empty Lifebar)

"There comes a time in every franchise’s lifespan when they can make a new game but really should not. I wanted to enjoy this title, but sadly Disgaea 4 is a copy-paste of the last game with a few modifications. Take a blender and put in the mechanics from Disagea 3, add some redrawn sprites that look good on an HD screen, but then pour in a septic tank full of some sludge that may have been from an 8th grader’s creative writing assignment and you are halfway to Nippon Ichi’s new title for PS3."

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Mingledorff2921d ago

A 2/5??? This game was great.

ViktorZangiev2921d ago

Really, I hated ths game. Probably one of the worst ive ever playd

Canary2921d ago

Indeed. A great game.

I wouldn't bother commenting if the review actually contained any valid criticisms, but it really doesn't. Just a whole lot of empty nonsense.

callahan092921d ago

Idiotic review, frankly.

GreasyBacon322921d ago

I have played this entire series and many other of the games in the Nippon Ichi lineup. This is by far one of the worst. I am sad to agree with the reviewer.

Bimkoblerutso2921d ago

Yeah, I agree. I mean the gameplay is as good as it's ever been (if not very, very similar to the previous games) but the writing is just getting worse and worse.