New Battlefield 3 - Operation Go Hunting Gameplay

Velocity Gamer: I'm pretty sure half of the campaign has probably already been shown by DICE, but this jet gameplay looks freaking awesome. Check it out below and let us know what you think. Sorry I couldn't find it in HD in advance.

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Op243193d ago

Dude..that first explosion. Had my headphones turned all the way up, not sure if I can hear anything anymore, But who cares!

3193d ago
Hockeydud193193d ago

Ya sure? I couldn't find it anywhere on N4G, I checked before I posted. If you got a link I'll take it down.

Hufandpuf3193d ago

no i mean the video is old. You don't have to take it down though.

trenso13193d ago

It actually was on n4g a couple of months back. This video was a leak that DICE had said they weren't proud of this leak since it wasn't high quality. I would search it but I'm having no luck right now

Hockeydud193193d ago

Ah. I was gnna say I've never seen this video until I found it today. Thanks for clearing that up.

Hufandpuf3193d ago

Yeah, this got leaked before the beta came out.

sprayNpray3193d ago

Ya I saw this about a month ago I believe.

pr0digyZA3193d ago

I believe it was this one

It was 360 gameplay that has now been removed by EA.

Criminal3193d ago

It's Battlefield 3, so it looks awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.