Why Can't I Enjoy Assassin's Creed?

Carl B. of writes, "It would be a lie to say that everyone has to enjoy games that are critically acclaimed. There are always titles for each gamer that they don't seem to get – for me it's the Assassin's Creed series. The series has seen great reception, with the first game sporting an 81 average on Metacritic and the most recent installment, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, has a 91 average. Is there something wrong with me, or is Assassin's Creed incredibly overrated?"

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RoboSpiff2928d ago

The game is far from perfect, but at the same time I enjoyed playing it.

NukaCola2928d ago

First Assasin's Creed had a fair share of issues, but they improve it with each installment.

ginsunuva2927d ago

Who cares how much it improves if it is never really that fun...yet.

ssb31732927d ago

This game is absolutely amazing and even though number 1 was good, AC2 really bought the market in. Love this game!

princejb1342927d ago

the game is definitely not for everyone, i love the series though not including the first 1 which was way to repetitive
after ac2 came out i fell in love with the series

Moduserous2928d ago

Ugh.. battles are so repetitive.

e-p-ayeaH2927d ago

The whole point of the game is to avoid them.

Bereaver2927d ago

I really wouldn't say they're repetitive. Find different ways to initiate, escape, and single out enemies it's quite fun actually.

ArchangelMike2927d ago

Why is Assassins Creed not an open world game? Why the stupid 'white wall' separating all the areas? That was my biggest dissapointment with the series.

Psychotica2927d ago

Having the white wall doesn't mean it's not open world. It just means you have to work to unlock them. Same thing as playing GTA 4, the entire city is not open until have accomplished certain things..

Desert Turtle2927d ago

That's true, but at least GTA uses something to try and explain why certain areas are blocked off. In Vice City there's a road block on the bridges because of a storm.

KwietStorm2927d ago

@Desert Turtle

Assassin's Creed has an explanation too. The memory hasn't been accessed yet. Remember it's all really virtual, similar to jacking into the matrix.

Quagmire2927d ago

Desmond is reliving his ancestors memories, and the animus recreates the world your Ancestor has lived. If you ancestor hasnt been to a certain place, then how is the Animus supposed to create it?

KwietStorm2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Well it's a free roam game. Obviously the map has to have a cut off point somewhere. Are you talking about the areas that open up as you progress in the story? Because that should be expected.

Who2927d ago

Well I believe the areas in AC are blocked because of the memory you're in. As you progress in memories, you will eventually unlock those blocked districts.

ArchangelMike2927d ago

A much better implementation would be to have those areas open, but no story or mission elements contained within the 'no memory yet' districts. The way it was implemented was lame. your leaping over rooftops, and suddenly - 'white wall of death'. It broke the imerssion way too much.

KwietStorm2927d ago

The first game had some clear flaws, which resulted in the mixed reviews, but I think since then, the series has been great, if not milked.

HeavenlySnipes2927d ago

I'll state why here as well. Granted, I oply have the first two because I don't feel like buying any others if the core gameplay doesn't change. Here goes:

- After all the tombs are raided for the legendary stuff, there is nothing left to do. The scanning buildings for the icons was cool for a while, but its gets tiring searching the vast environment (which is a positive by the way, I like how the game got bigger from AC to AC2). The buying stuff for the Villa in order o get money back was a good idea, but I didn't really need the money after I got the counter move (which basically allows you to rape any opponent)

- For an assassin game, there is almost ZERO stealth involved. Its like Ubi is encouraging you to run out and kill everyone in the open. Assassination missions aren't designed to cater to stealth players (an believe me, I will restart and restart and restart until I find a way to kil lthe guy without being seen) but sadly, this is not possible. Once I did manage to do so in AC1, but then immediately after the whole city is alerted to your presence. Due to this, you spend a lot of time fighting which leads to my next gripe

- Fighting system. MUCH to easy to fight hordes of enemies. If I were the lead designer, I would discourage all out brawls with 30 people, encouraging the player to always be trying to blend in with the environment and you know, playing as an assassin, but alas, AC makes it easy to incapacitate hordes of enemies without much thought. With the counter kill move, you simply have to stand still and wait for an attack and then do an instakill move to take all foes down. Only certain foes are immune to this, but there are never enough of them present to give me a challenge.

Overall, I'd give both games an 8.5. The fans really like it, and I can see why. The story is good and I actually wanted to see what happens with Ezio (if I would ever get around to finishing AC2) but I find the game to easy for me to enjoy. I like a challenge when playing games.

Who2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I agree, there is no stealth in AC besides the blending with civilians. The hiding in haystacks, wells, water, etc are pointless and I rarely use them because I can just outrun the enemies which I find more satisfying.

I would've liked to been able to hide in shadows, take cover behind objects, disguise with outfits [civilians, merchants, guards], set traps [besides luring with dead bodies, using courtesans/thieves/swordsman], etc.

The battles don't make me feel 'badass' like an assassin. Like you said, the counter system makes it too easy, also if you have smokes you can take out a bunch of them in a few secs. I would've liked more stylized moves, wall-flips, rolls, cape-stun [batman style, lol], blade-spins [like Baraka from MK, xD].

I thought the point of being an assassin was to kill without being noticed. Though it seems every time you have to assassinate someone, there's this huge chase followed by an immediate alert which you can escape or deal with.

I think Metal Gear has spoiled me in the stealth department that's why I want every stealth game to have similar stealth mechanics.

BushLitter2927d ago

You don't like AC because you haven't finished playing 2. This game is all about the story.

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