130° Where is the good player housing?

Daniel Owens from has been wondering one thing, where is the good player housing in MMOs these days? The lack of offerings has him a little annoyed, here are his thoughts.

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Akti13749d ago

all the good player housing is at Iron Realms duh :P

MMOGames3749d ago

Yeah.. text based games really don't cut it for me either :P

I can write pages and pages about an awesome house, i'd rather see it in a 3D environment, interact with it etc. While MUDS etc have their place, and there are still a few gems around they are far from being the trendsetters anymore.

Akti13748d ago

Thats a fair assessment, MUDs aren't really the trendsetters anymore but they definitely still have their place. Though Iron Realms is doing amazing things with social networking that lots of game companies aren't thinking of.

Tekla3748d ago

I'm surprised by how often I hear text based games don't cut it for me. And to say they're not trendsetters, that's laughable, considering all of the MMO's these days are following a Free-to-Play, Pay-for-Perks model established by Iron Realms Entertainment some 10 years ago. Graphic games bore me, it's all dungeons, and grey terrain. For all the folks that say text games are outdated, I encourage you to try the offerings at Iron Reams.

MMOGames3748d ago

text-based multiplayer games are what spawned what inevitably became the MMOs we play today. They were the trendsetters, but now they aren't; this generation is too twitch/gfx fixated. This doesn't mean I don't think that Iron Realms aren't doing some great things, they have some great features over there and a thriving community.. it just isn't for me.

Text-based games are a relic, relics can still survive in the modern age if given the proper care. Not saying they are bad, just saying that there is too many other things I would rather be playing.

Tekla3748d ago

I can understand where you're going with that logic. Today's generation -is- too fixed on twitch/gfx, and sadly they're missing out on a whole world of enriching stimulation that can only be found in the expansion of the imagination.

MMOGames3748d ago

It is a world and community I was woven very deep in to in the past, I really enjoyed it when I was younger. It is good to see that there are still people who value the power of word and thought, and I hope it is a community that never dies.

ECM0NEY3747d ago

Daniel Owens your a man after my own hart. This is one of the main reasons I get bored with newer MMOs. WHy is it so hard to allow played crated housing and cities? Sh!t I should be able to go to the woods chop some trees down and build a house. Then marry a NPC and have kids. Then teach my kids how to farm and stuff. THen with the extra money from farming build a boat and sail the open seas.

Oh wait thats all going to be in ArcheAge!!!!

For real though why do most MMOs exclude this amazing features?