Lets Watch Classic Halo Map Hang ‘Em High in Action Using Halo Reach Graphics and Gameplay

Halo Anniversary High Noon game video.

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MerkinMax2927d ago

I need to do this before there is any confusion. Each of the multiplayer maps has 2 layouts. What you're seeing here is an updated Halo Reach style sporting armor abilities and new areas for navigation. Then there is a classic version. The map layout is mostly identical to the original, no armor abilities, classic feel.

cl19832927d ago

Glad you pointed that out to me and the others.

MasterD9192927d ago

Any idea if the maps are via a code or disc?

I kinda want to use Reach as my main disc so I can play all the maps included but I'd like to buy the retail disc with Halo on it so I'll be buying it...

m232926d ago

You'll be able to put the maps on your HDD, so you can access all the maps from Halo Reach.

MasterD9192926d ago


That takes care of that issue. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

juanvan2927d ago

The maps to use in reach will prob be a code if at all with purchase - I hate that they are using the new engine for the multiplayer I was kinda hoping it would be old school.

I don't care they give you 2 options for a map layout - its still the same engine the same weapons.. And you can do that in reach anyway..